Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ready to have your mind blown? Education is FREE in these Countries:

Imagine all the time and money you would have if you didn’t have to pay for your education and higher education… Well, you can do just that in the following countries. These countries are leading the way, showing the world another option. Just think, someone poor or homeless could actually be the next Einstein or Tesla, but without money they don’t stand a chance at getting an education. Well, that’s not true all over the world. So maybe it’s time we take notes and make changes or move country!
countries with free education

Free education refers to education that is funded through taxation, or charitable organizations rather than tuition fees. Although primary school and other comprehensive or compulsory education is free in many countries, for example, all education is mostly free (often not including books (from primary) and a number of administrative and sundry fees in university) including post-graduate studies in the Nordic countries.
From 2013 in Northern Europe Estonia started providing free higher education as well. In Argentina, Norway and Finland, no fees apply for foreign students enrolling at a university, although they may not be eligible for a monthly study allowance and loan. However, bachelor degree programs in Norway are solely taught in Norwegian. Master degree programs in Norway are offered in either Norwegian or English depending on the program and/or university.
Sweden, until recently, (bring it back!) provided free education to foreign students but changes have been introduced to charge fees to foreign students from outside of the European community.
Denmark also has universal free education, and provides a monthly stipend, the “Statens Uddannelsesstøtte” or “SU”, to students over 18 years of age or students who are under 18 and attending a higher education. Bachelor and master degree programs in Denmark are offered in either Danish or English depending on the program and/or university.
Greece and Argentina provide free education at all levels, including college and university.
Seriously, how many of you didn’t know this stuff? And how many of you would love to have free education for yourself or your children. Just think of all the money you would save. So, why pay thousands for learning when you can get it free. So lets go over that list again just to make this clear. If you want free education move to one of these countries:
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