Monday, February 17, 2014

Raid of Mexican Drug Lord’s Home Uncovers Far More Than Ever Imagined


Mexican drug lord Efrain Isaac Rosales, known as “El Tucan”, fled the town of Antunez, Mexico, after the town rose up against he and his gunmen. Rosales, a part of the Knights Templar drug cartel that is headed by Servando Gomez, abandoned many treasures in his haste to leave. Above and below are photos of the fortune he amassed through the drug trade. While many outlets are only just now publishing this story, the actual occurrence took place back in 2007.
More recently the cartel has been given credit for four heads discovered in a Mexico town. Kingpin Gomez, is a former school teacher who is not unlike the character Walter White in the hit television series “Breaking Bad.”  The following photos and video are evident motivation for those who flock to the drug trade.
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One outlet is claiming that just one cash filled room was counted at a staggering 22 billion!!! …..this was not the case.
If you lost count above, the actual discovery came down to this:
$205.6 million in U.S. dollars, assorted vehicles, weapons caches, more than 200,000 euros and over 100,000 pesos. Multiple pieces of stolen and even illegal art, a man-made hot tub cave, 8 lions, one rare tiger, and other exotic animals. A secondary residence used for meth production was also raided, and its bounty added to the above in the same bust.
All in all, when Mexico’s judge advocate general, PGR, released footage and photos of the raid, the world was astonished by museum quality guns and art, the likes of which much of the world has never seen.

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