Sunday, March 31, 2013

World's Hottest Female Politicians

#15 Eunice Olsen

Eunice Olsen's multi-ethnic good looks not only made her Miss Singapore, but also a hot Asian politician as she formerly served as a Singaporean Member of Parliament.

#14 Michelle Obama

The First Lady is known the world over for her charm, intelligence, grace, brilliant style, and arms that could put a frat boy to shame!

#13 Alina Kabaeva

She was first known as an Olympic gymnast. Then she was known as Vladimir Putin's rumored mistress. Now she is the most beautiful member of the Russian legislature.

#12 Angela Gerekou

Greece should be known for hot female politicians above anything else. Gerekous is a parliament member and also the country's tourism minister.

#11 Mara Carfagna

Once a topless dancer, Carfagna is now Italy’s Minister of Equal Opportunity.


#10 Eva Kaili

Greece may be down in the dumps politically and economically, but the country's got Eva Kaili, a ravishing member of Parliament.

#9 Yuri Fujikawa

This Japanese city councilwoman has stirred up controversy for being an attractive young female politician with a photobook that includes pictures of herself lounging in a bikini in her hometown.

#8 Sethrida Geagea

Lebanon’s hottest Member of Parliament, Sethrida Geagea, 45, not only makes sure to vote and get her people's votes, she also takes time out to pose for magazine cover photoshoots in revealing evening gowns.

#7 Huma Abedin

Best known as Hillary Clinton's "body person", Abedin is also known as the wife of Representative Anthony Weiner, making her one of the most influential behind-the-scenes player in American politics.

#6 Cayetana Alvarez de Toledo

This Oxford-educated Spanish beauty is a member of the Spanish Parliament and is a member of the Partido Popular.

#5 Joanna Mucha

Polish politician Mucha is a member of the Polish Lower House -- and makes every hot female politician list out there.

#4 Christa Markwalder

The Swiss liberal politician is known for her charming good looks -- where do the Europeans find all these cuties to get into politics?

#3 Pam Bondi

Pam Bondi is a Republican Florida Attorney General who also happens to be the lead plaintiff in the fight to derail Obamacare.


#2 Kirsten Gillibrand

Gillibrand is a junior Senator from New York, whose good looks and tasteful style has been featured in a spread and profile in Vogue magazine.


#1 Luciana León

The Peruvian politician was an advisor to the Women's commission of the Congress, subsequently advisor to the Vice President of Congress, her mentor Mercedes Cabanillas until 2003. León was elected Congresswoman in 2006 representing Lima and being the youngest representative in the 2006-2011 term. In the election 2011, she was re-elected for another five-year term.

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Nicole Francis said...

Please include Lisa Hanna, Miss World 1993 and Jamaica's Minister of Youth and Culture