Monday, February 04, 2013

Child Brides Continue to Die in Yemen

More shocking news from Yemen, where the marriage of minors is encouraged by families due to financial considerations.  

According to the Arabic website, al Watan, a heinous crime took place against a 13 year old girl in a village located in Hajjah Province.  The girl died following a severe hemorrhage and the rupture of her genitals on her wedding night.

According to the report, the girl’s family asked her to marry a Yemeni man, but she died on the night of her marriage after her fresh husband abused her and cause the fatal hemorrhage.  Her brother, Mehdi, told the newspaper, “God knows what they did to my sister.  We can’t even recover the body…How can we avenge the death of my sister because, of course, her husband is the real murderer?”
The hospital reported that the young bride was already dead by the time she arrived at the hospital with severe damage to her genitals.  Her husband said his wife was “sick” when he married her and did not want to have a relationship because she was “afraid.”
This is just the latest incident related to the phenomenon of child marriage in Yemen, especially in rural areas.  In some regions, demonstrations have been held to demand a minimum age for marriage, but authorities have not yet met this demand.

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