Monday, January 28, 2013

Iran's Space Monkey

Photograph: Iranian Ministry of Defence
Photograph: Iranian Ministry of Defence

Iran has sent a monkey into space (according to Iran). The monkey was not very happy about going into space; the Iranians seem more enthused. The chronology of the pictures, released by the Iranian MoD, is not certain, but judging by the numbered filenames, this appears to be the likely order.
The Iranian space monkey all dressed up and ready to go.
The Iranian space monkey having second thoughts.
The Iranian space monkey is deeply regretting this idea.
This is the rocket the Iranian space monkey went into space in. The actual flight was reported by Iran's state-owned Fars news agency to have peaked at 120km, 20km above the international-boundary for space.
The monkey, back on earth alive. According to the Iranian government.
Before you apportion too much blame to the Iranian government, space monkeys tend not to be very happy. This is Miss Baker, sent to space by the US government in 1959

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