Saturday, December 15, 2012

Skull and Bones: Bizarre secrets of Bush club exposed

[Philip Delves Broughton, The Daily Telegraph, 2001]

THE bizarre rituals of one of America's most exclusive clubs, which counts both President Bush and his father among its members, have been laid bare by a hidden camera.

The all-male Skull and Bones club at Yale University has long been held up as an example of the powerful cabals that run America from behind the scenes. Fifteen new members in their final year at Yale are initiated annually and remain in the club for life.

Besides the Presidents Bush, the club has among its members Wall Street businessmen, ambassadors, politicians and judges. Soon after he entered the White House, George W Bush held a private dinner for his year of Bonesmen, as they are called.

The initiation rites at the club, however, have always been a mystery. Initiates simply disappeared into The Tomb, the club's gothic building at Yale, and emerged as Bonesmen, set up with a network that would see them through life.

A night-vision camera, however, planted by fellow students at Yale caught this year's initiation. For Mr Bush, it will reinforce his image as an establishment scion rather than man of the people.

It shows one member posing as George W Bush, wearing a cape and speaking in a Texas twang threatening an initiate: "I'm gonna kill you like I killed Al Gore!" Initiates are then seen kneeling and kissing a skull at the feet of the members, while they are bombarded with sexual insults and shouts of "Run Neophytes".

The group then joins in chanting the Skull and Bones mantra, part of the ritual since the club's founding in 1856: "The Hangman Equals Death/The Devil Equals Death/Death Equals Death."

During the initiation, new members undergo a mock throat-cutting ceremony and then take turns to lie in a coffin and recount their personal and sexual histories to forge a bond of secrecy within the club. Having died as "barbarians" they step from the coffin reborn as members of "The Order".

Charlotte Iserbyt - Skull and Bones, The Order at Yale Revealed (Full)

Who really killed the Connecticut children?

[Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today]

When something unbelievably evil happens in one of our schools, like the recent murder of 27 children and teachers at the Newtown School in Connecticut, the media always tells us the same thing: blame the lone nut(s).

But history suggests that many if not most schoolyard massacres, like other large-scale acts of domestic terrorism, have a much more sinister agenda.

Sheriff Pat Sullivan, who ran the Columbine investigation, was arrested last year and convicted of coercing sexual favors from a child in exchange for methamphetamine. His ridiculously short sentence, served in the jail that bears his name, amounted to a slap on the wrist. Rumor has it that Sullivan is part of a pedophile network along the lines of the Finders of Lost Children and the perpetrators of the Franklin Scandal child sex ring.

Some Columbine victims’ family members suspect that Sheriff Sullivan was involved in a “butt rape” incident involving the alleged Columbine shooters. Were those shooters mind-controlled sex-abuse victims?

Rogue intelligence agents and their psychiatrist colleagues have been brainwashing “lone nuts” to commit murder at least since the CIA’s MK-Ultra program achieved its objectives circa 1960.
Why would such “rogue networks” want to send brainwashed Manchurian Candidates into schools to massacre children?
Let’s allow one of the terrorists themselves to answer that question.

Remember Operation Gladio? The Pentagon, through NATO, organized bombings and shootings in the streets of Europe. When one of the terrorists got caught, he explained at his trial: “You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people, the Italian public to turn to the State to ask for greater security.” He later explained the “strategy of tension” to the BBC: “To create tension within the country to promote conservative, reactionary social and political tendencies.”

Google “Brabant massacre” for more gory details.
So the answer to the question, WHY? is really very simple: When you terrorize the population, you open the door for fascist, authoritarian politicians.

Operation Gladio never ended. It’s still happening, right here in America.

Wade Michael Page, the “man with a 9/11 tattoo” blamed for the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting, turned out to be a US Army psy-ops specialist.

The “DC Sniper” – the US Army Special Forces whiz who changed his name to “Muhammad” just in time to go on a shooting spree – was another government-sponsored false-flag operation.

So whenever an event like today’s Connecticut massacre screams out at you from your screen: BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID, you should tell the mainstream media brainwashers to go to hell, then join those of us who are exposing the false flag terrorists and setting the stage for a world in which they will no longer ply their bloody trade.