Friday, November 23, 2012

Only in Israel: Female Bomber gets Pregnant, turns into a Man in 24 hours!

Only Possible in Tel Aviv: ‘Bombing’ Girl gets Pregnant during Arrest and turns into a Man in 24 hours!

Gazing on twitter noticing this:

Immediately noticing Leibovitch mentions: “HE”?
So i tweet they should upgrade the surveillance wall observing the highly recorded and monitored area of the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv when all of a sudden some troll gives a response no one said it was a girl.

Oh yes they did!
Fase 1: A GIRL DID IT!

FASE 2! A Female did it! NOTICE: ARRESTED!


Fase 4 The News HQ tweets A FEMALE ( we’re btw still waiting on a claim of resistance that never came fyi)

FASE 5 HASBARA MOTHER OF A SOLDIER now even states she was pregnant….

I guess Steven Spielberg was on a leave for the script, or it was not escalated into the trolling troopers of zionist hasbara forces for these kind of evolution only happen in Tel Aviv. Where a fly not can shit unseen by undercovers or cameras and especially not at the specific location.

Nothing filmed right. No footage. So who are you fooling?

First there flies a Hezbollah drone unseen for hours over the whole of Israel. Now a bomber walks allegedly aside the Defense building and no video nor footage produced by the Tzahal. I smell some serious holes in security or maybe… it’s just one of Israel’s false flags. I bet my shekel on the latter.
Maybe I am too impatient and need to wait a little while until they doctor some evidence again.

Yet the following is quite miraculous!

Less than 2 hours, and within 24 hours the girl turns into a female “terrorist” bomber who is arrested. Get’s pregnant in the process to undergo within the same limited time a gender change.

Seriously Israel…. Who do you think is going to believe this crappy hasbara?
For the record:
Although on Nov 21, 2012 CloudPillarWar seems to have had psychic capabilities for he incited before: it was not Hamas, It has been Fatah.

Will be continued…. by more hasbara … or another false flag!

But to be very sure I borrowed a glass ball in the meanwhile and had a good gaze as well… oh wait where did I see the face before…..

Seems the Israeli undercover rats have a ‘thing’ with sex changes. The info is confirmed my glass ball shows the attacker was wearing the same dress. Case solved.

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