Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Top 10 Largest Armies in the World

1. China (2,290,000)

No doubt, this country is one of the emerging super powers of the world. With a total of 2,290,000 soldiers the country boasts the possession of the greatest number of tanks in the world. China also has one of the strongest air force equipped with more than 4000 jet planes.

Only time will decide that whether or not China would become a super power.

2. India (1,325,000)

The country has a total strength of 1,325,000soldiers as claimed by the Indian authorities. They have many advanced forms of missile and nuclear technology based bombs. At the same time, it also possesses very strong air and naval forces. Each year, the country spends a great amount of capital on the sector of defense.

3. Russia (1,027,000)

Russia is the former super power country of the world and one of the present strongest armies of the world. With a total of nearly 1,027,000 soldiers, this country is regarded as the 3rd largest army of the world. There are also a number of laws which are prevalent in the country binding the individuals between the ages of 18 to 27 to join the army.

4. North Korea (900,000)

With a total of more than 900,000 soldiers, this country is one of the highly dangerous military powers of the world. The country also has one of the largest war heads in the entire continent of Asia. The participation and role of this country in the Vietnam War and Korean War is the major reason behind its notoriousness.

5. Pakistan (617,000)
Possessing one of the most advanced nuclear missile technologies, Pakistan has the world’s 5th largest army. At the same time the country also has one of the most powerful air force and naval forces in the entire continent of Asia. The contributions of this country in the war against terrorism can never be denied.

6. South Korea (560,000)

With a total strength of 560,000 soldiers, South Korea has qualified for the 6th spot in our rankings. They also have a number of advanced prototype technologies, missiles and surveillance systems. Equipped with a large number of photon cannons, the country is now being regarded as one of the upcoming strongest armies of Asia.

7. The United States of America (550,000)

In terms of nuclear power and advanced weaponry, this country is no doubt the most powerful in the world. However, the military strength of this country is on the 7 th numberhaving a total of 550,000 individuals and maybe more than that. Also not to forget the strong and large naval force the country has which also makes it the best in terms of naval power.

8. Iraq (450,000)

Despite of the present foreign military attacks, the country has still managed to maintain a large army. In terms of strength, Iraq has the 8 th largest army in the whole world. However, the country lacks strong air force and naval capabilities.

9. Myanmar (406,000)
This country has an active military of 406,000along with the more than 72,000 parliamentary forces. Equipped with more than 10 land divisions and air force squadrons, the country has been ranked on number 9 in terms of large armies.

10. Iran (320,000)

With an active military power of more than 523,000 individuals, Iran has the 9 th largest army in the world. This country has shown a major transition in the exercising of military power during the past few years. The country has more than 20 air force squadrons and more than 15 land divisions which indeed points out to the ever increasing power of this country. 

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