Friday, April 01, 2011

Beli, Baca & Bercuti di New Zealand serta menang i-pad!

Peraduan 'Beli, baca dan bercuti di New Zealand' ini terbuka untuk semua yang membeli satu set buku-buku karya penulis Fudzail (Mohd Fudzail bin Mohd Nor), iaitu
1. Waikato - kumpulan puisi kembara Ilmu terbitan DBP
2. Dotkomania - kumpulan cerpen terbitan DBP
3. Wainuiomata - terbitan Oasisbuku
Trilogi a0teAr0a - Wainuiomata
4. Roewyo - terbitan Oasisbuku
Trilogi a0teAr0a - r0eWy0
5. Aotearoa - terbitan Oasisbuku
Trilogi a0teAr0a
Trilogi ‘Aoteroa’ tersebut turut dicalunkan untuk Hadiah Buku Negara 2011.

Untuk melayakkan penyertaan, pembelian set lima (5) buku tersebut mesti dibuat melalui penulis sahaja. Kalau dibeli selain dari itu, tidak layak untuk meyertai.

Bagaimana Untuk Menyertai?

Masukkan wang sebanyak RM130 ke dalam akaun maybank-i 162357342634 (Mohd Fudzail bin Mohd Nor), kemudian hantar emel kepada penulis dgn slip dan alamat.
Satu set buku akan dihantar secara penghantaran berdaftar bersama 5 soalan mudah yang dihantar rambang (setiap set soalan berlainan) melalui emel.
Baca dan jawab soalan, hantar kepada emel penulis (
Tarikh Tutup
Tarikh tutup dilanjutkan kepada 30 Jun 2011
Pengumuman pemenang dibuat pada seminggu selepas tarikh tutup.

Hadiah :-
Satu tiket pergi balik ke New Zealand (Kuala Lumpur ke Auckland/Christchurch)

Satu Apple iPad


Yusuf's message as sound as ever

YUSUF Islam wore that contented look going through the final paces of completion of his latest music video made in Cyberjaya. This was last Thursday afternoon, the day I met this clairvoyant personality I used to listen to quite a lot when he was a mod British singer belting out inspirational songs under the name of Cat Stevens in the early 1970s.

Yusuf was in one of the studios at the Multimedia Development Corporation where he had been working on the creative animation and post-recording elements of My People with his mostly young Malaysian team.

And they all looked so pleased as the final product fell into place after having worked continuously for five days.
The mesmerised youngish company in the studio said Yusuf was meticulous but very professional about what went into his video. "He knew what he wanted," said one. "And he would go through frame by frame to see that it fits in with his message."

My People is another moving number from Yusuf, the singer-songwriter who brought us the compelling Matthew and Son 40 years ago. He wrote this latest song after being inspired by the developments in the Arab world, the uprising and the call for change.

The sing-along chorus and the timing of its release makes it a huge potential hit.

Repetitive but powerful indeed, the chorus goes something like this:

See them coming down, my people

Can't you hear them shout,

my people

Every day everywhere, my people

Stop running from my people

Stop stealing from my people

Stop pointing guns at my people

God, show the way

God, show them the way

We have all heard about the changes in the phase of Yusuf's life from the days of his iconic album Mona Bone Jakon and the symbolic song Wild World.

But this man that I came face to face with for more than 20 minutes at the small studio in Cyberjaya late last week, in his more spiritual outlook, still evoked the kind of artful charm that I had felt listening to his old staples.

Somehow the hallmark of his poignant messages remained intact in his newer compositions.

It's the universality of the message that comes with the universal appeal of music that can be an instrument of social change, he said.

I still can't get over Cat Stevens with long flowing locks and dark beard belting out those meaningful words that made him one of the most-loved artistes of those days -- songs about the environment, about the generation gap, the working man and about peace. Sometimes melancholic, at times downcast. But never out of time.

The days when my classmates and I were carolling songs at the pavilion of the Malay College Kuala Kangsar to let off steam are still fresh in memory.

But that Cyberjaya encounter with the star confirmed that my deep admiration for him was not about to change.

He was physically different -- the hair and beard had turned grey and he was not in those trademark glitzy tight T-shirts of old but in a simple chequered shirt and jeans and had this deep serious look in his eyes.

And he exuded the calmness and tranquility of a person who is very much into spiritualism and the deeper sense of religion.

I first mentioned that I still listen to his Tea For The Tillerman album, especially the rather morose songs Sad Lisa and On the Road To Find Out.

This obviously lighted him up and after we talked about My People and its significance, the conversation struck deep into the spirituality of peace and freedom in the world today.

Yusuf, who has a villa in Dubai where he sometimes spends time with his three grandchildren, has many friends in Malaysia. Another is Mohamed Fudzail, the chief operating officer of Dubai-based CSI Construction, who is helping him with the logistics of the music video production.

Yusuf is beginning to like Malaysia a lot and has taken a fancy to some things Malaysian, including wayang kulit. He collaborated with nasyid group Raihan before and is said to be buying a property right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

He is planning a European concert tour later this year.

Daniel Streich Embraces Islam

Swiss Politician Bans Minarets then Converts to Islam 

Daniel Streich Converts to Islam,

Daniel Streich was a member of then Swiss People's Party (SVP) in Switzerland. A well-known politician, Streich led the calls for a ban on minarets across Switzerland. He was active in building anti-Muslim sentiments throughout Switzerland. This sustained campaign led to him being given a high ranking position in the Swiss Army.
SVP Witch Hunt
Streich left the SVP in November 2009 calling his party's campaign against Islam as a 'witch hunt.' The date coincided with the second anniversary of Streich's conversion which he had kept secret from the party.
With the party's campaign to ban minarets leading to a referendum, Streich said the situation had become unbearable for him.
Switzerland Minaret Ban and Daniel Streich

In the lead up to the ban Streich said "If the initiative passes, it will be an absolute deep blow for me. I would have to ask myself, why I applied myself professionally and politically for over 30 years for this political system. It is not worthy of Switzerland to force Muslims to practice their faith in back alleys."
Streich is a military instructor in the Swiss army and was said to be a committed Christian reading the Bible and attending Church regularly.
He was also committed to his party (SVP) and stood as a local politician in the commune of Bulle.
Daniel Streich Conversion to Islam
Streich attempted to understand the Qur'an and Islamic teachings in order to argue against Muslims on tenets of their faith. In the course of his efforts the ex-Christian began to agree with and acknowledge the proclamations of the Qur'an.
"Islam offers me logical answers to important life questions, which, in the end, I never found in Christianity," says Streich. He is now a committed Muslim, who attends the mosque, recites the Qur'an and prays five times a day.
Post-Conversion Life for Daniel Streich
Streich has now focused his intentions on participating in the building of the new Conservative Democratic Party in the canton of Freiburg. Freich's new movement is in contrast to his previous one and he aims to promote religious tolerance and peaceful cooperative living, in spite of the fact that ban on mosques minarets has gained a legal status.
He is vehemently opposed to the Minaret ban and is hoping to establish Switzerland’s fifth mosque and the most beautiful in Europe.
Meanwhile the SUV have raised concerns over Streich's position as Military Commander in the Army in the aftermath of his conversion citing him as a security risk. SVP-National Council member Alfred Heer cited the Fort Hood shooting spree as an example.