Saturday, March 05, 2011

Three MALAYSIANS arrested in UAE for using 61 forged credit cards

Abu Dhabi: Three suspects were arrested in two separate cases for using 61 fake credit cards while shopping just a few hours after their arrival in the UAE, police said.

The Malaysian suspects bought expensive watches and mobile phones with accessories worth Dh141,000. Unauthorised credit cards invoices stood at Dh1,668, 212.

During the investigation of the first case, carried out by the Organized Crime Section and presided by Colonel Dr. Rashid Bu Rasheed, T. S., 29, and T.W., 39, confessed to having used 37 forged credit cards after they had agreed to equally share the stolen goods value with a third person in their homeland.

"They confessed to have bought the fake credit cards from the black market outside the UAE. Each card was bought for Dh900 in the black market. The fast response of the Abu Dhabi police to the shops' reports helped arrest them in a hotel," Borsheed explained

The suspects used the credit cards to book hotel rooms, buy airplane tickets, mobile, watches, cigarettes and other personal expenses," Colonel Dr. Bu Rasheed added.

The unauthorised credit card invoices revealed that they had attempted to buy jewellery, perfumes, and gold watches.

Colonel Dr. Bu Rasheed explained that the second case involved a third Malaysian Y.B, 25. He was arrested while using 24 credit cards in one of the capital's shopping centers.

"The suspect tried to buy a watch worth Dh40,000 from a renowned jewelry shop. When the credit card he used was unauthorisedm the shopkeeper had suspicions and reported the incident to the police who instantly arrested him," Colonel Dr. Bu Rasheed said.

According to the suspect's account, his attempts were to pay a large amount of debts he owes to a gambling shop abroad. He also claimed his intention was to leave the UAE right after this shopping attempt.

the three suspects have been referred to the legal authorities on charges of possessing and using fake credit cards and non payment of dues.

The head of the Organized Crime Department called on the shop owners and clerks to be extra careful while using credit cards by checking the credit card holder's signature and asking for identification.