Monday, April 11, 2011

Soros seeks new global system, listen to Maulana Imran Hosein on the International Monetary System

Scrap Dollar And Replace With Gold Reserve

While the bleating minions across America sit entranced In front of their HDTVs, distracted by the newest episode of “The Obama Show”, with his diversions of war and threats of a government shut-down; a more active threat to America's National sovereignty is actually now being initiated in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire with zero MSM coverage.

For those not familiar with the history of the town, in July of 1944, during WWII, this is where the “United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference” held its summit in devising the World’s post-war monetary system, then setting the stage for the US dollar to become the “Global Reserve Currency”, replacing the British Pound Note at the time. It was this event which actually placed the US in its role as the primary global superpower, where she has remained ever since.

What we have at this at this ongoing monetary summit are those such as George Soros, Peter Schiff (President of Euro Pacific Capital), and various other global “money changers” redefining the Foreign Exchange to become not only more “International”, but basing this new system on more “communist” elements of reinstituting the “gold standard”, and having the actual physical wealth of the world accumulated under the the guise “global property”; which essentially means that the common individual has no access or control over mineral, metallic, or energy resources in any realistic sense at all.

One has to wonder if the recent “healthcare bill” passed through Obama didn’t, for “unknown” reasons, include a clause giving the government authority to track all private purchases of precious metals, have a very valid reason, after all. What possibly feasible reason would a clause like this be placed in a “healthcare” directive? The reason may become apparently obvious in the near future. It would seem that this sham of a healthcare bill may have been drawn up for exactly this reason.

Even though the Federal Reserve isn’t a National institution in itself, the dissolution of the US Dollar would actually be the final nail in the coffin of American sovereignty. We would ultimately be rendered as impotent as Canada or Mexico, in regards to a dictatorial voice within the international community. We would become “at the mercy” of any elitist and non-National whim, in terms of our own National Security. We would be completely OWNED through outside and foreign interests. We, in essence, would become the property of an amassed global corporation, with zero interest or concern in the USA as a nation in itself. We will fundamentally become slaves of a corporate oligarchy.

There seems to be a lot of conspiratorial talk of a “New World Order” coming, which will completely rationalize slavery under the guise of economic struggle and humanitarian aid. This is it. This is real. This is power consolidating at such a demonstrative level, that the common man will become a faceless, nameless, and soulless entity; and it’s happening RIGHT NOW.

If Barack Obama truly cared for America, he would divert one of his cruise missiles reserved for a civilian target in Libya, and instead send it straight into the heart of Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. Maybe the nation could actually then be saved; but the reality is a whole separate issue. Barack Obama and the entirety of Washington DC has set the people of U.S.A up for this international “coup d’ etat”.
The Americans have already been bought and sold.

and listen to Maulana Imran  Hosein (he will be in Malaysia for a year from April 2011)

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zane said...

Ada berita baik untuk orang malaysia. Sheikh Imran Hoessin akan melawat negara ini dlam beberapa hari saja lagi dlm bulan April ini dan beiau mungkin akan menyampaikan ceramah. Beliau juga datang bersama buku2 karangan beliau yang selalunya diberi percuma kepada sesiapa yang menghadiri ceramah beliau. Saya ada menghantar email melalui laman web beliau utk menempah buku2 karangan beliau dan beliau membalasnya dengan memberitahu tentang lawatan itu.

Kepada yang berpeluang, dijemput hadir kalau berkelapangan. Nescaya banyak ilmu yang bakal kamu dapat.