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Yusuf Islam - An Other Cup [Deluxe Edition] [Audio CD]


Prizma (New Zealand Graduates Association of Malaysia) in association with other New Zealand university alumni organisations, will launch The Christchurch Earthquake Disaster Fund donation drive.

The donation drive to be held on Saturday 12 March 2011, at the residence of deputy minister in the Prime Minister Department, YB Datuk Ahmad bin Maslan. He is a graduate of University of Victoria, Wellington and patron of Prizma.

One of the guests is Sheikh Dr. Yusuf Islam or also known as Cat Stevens. He has recently composed music, named as "My People", those who oppressing people under authoritarian Middle East regimes.
Yusuf Islam also made a clip for its song near the Berlin Wall, which symbolizes the victory for the oppressed people and freedom lovers.
Islam said he composed the music for world people who are dreaming to break the chains from the authoritarian regimes of their countries.

Yusuf Islam composes a song for Mideast protesters

As part of fund raising, Yusuf Islam is giving an exclusive item for auction, his personal collection: 2006's An Other Cup Deluxe limited edition CD, autographed with special personal touch. Well, this is indeed a collector's item. 

His digibook 'The Last of The Last Prophet' will also be on sale for the fund and will be autographed by him.

(One of the song in the album is Maybe There's a World)

Fund launched to help Christchurch quake victims

MNZCC chairman Richard Tankersley says all Malaysians are welcome to contribute
MNZCC chairman Richard Tankersley says all Malaysians are welcome to contribute

KUALA LUMPUR: A fund to help earthquake victims in Christchurch was set up here yesterday. The fund, initiated by the Malaysia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce (MNZCC), will channel money to relief organisations helping the quake victims in New Zealand.

MNZCC chairman Richard Tankersley said the fund was established to facilitate contributions of not only businessmen and alumni, but all Malaysians nationwide.

Introducing the fund in Balai Berita here yesterday, Tankersley said the MNZCC collaborated with Malaysian graduates from New Zealand universities and also the Malaysian Australian New Zealand Association to set up the fund.

"Many Malaysians and Malaysian companies have business links with New Zealand. As the earthquake has had a disastrous effect on businesses in the country, we hope they will come forward to help ease the sufferings," he said.

Former Colombo Plan scholar Teoh Lay Hock, who studied geology in New Zealand, said: "New Zealand and the people have been very generous to us in the past, and this is the way we should reciprocate their kindness.

"To date, an alumni from Victoria University of Wellington had pledged NZ$25,000 (RM57,305 ) to kick off the fund."

Just as the city of Christchurch was starting to return to normalcy after an earthquake six months ago, another lethal earthquake struck on Feb 22.

Those wishing to contribute can:

- Send your cheque written out to the "Christchurch Earthquake Disaster Fund" to Malaysia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce, c/o Unit 18E, Level 2, Lot 18, Jalan P. Ramlee, 50250 Kuala Lumpur; or

- Pay into the "Christchurch Earthquake Disaster Fund" CIMB Account No. 14250005676050 and fax, email or post the pay-in slip to: Malaysia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce, c/o Unit 18E, Level 2, Lot 18, Jalan P. Ramlee, 50250 Kuala Lumpur , Tel: 6-03-2144 2422 Fax: 6-03-2144 1422 email: (Contact person: Executive officer Alphonsa Mariadass).

For more information on the fund, call Tankersley (0192212222 or email to or Teoh Lay Hock (0125005779 or email to

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