Monday, March 07, 2011

MALAYSIA Airline crew held for stealing iPhone

Airline crew arrested in iPhone theft case
Amira Agarib

7 March 2011
DUBAI — The Dubai Public Prosecution is interrogating an airline crew member, who was arrested by the Dubai Police for alleged theft of a iPhone of a Russian woman.

On February 8 at around 6pm, the airport security of the Dubai Police was informed about the theft at the Dubai International Airport Terminal-2. The Russian woman said that around 4pm she came to the airport to travel back to her country. At the inspection point, she put her iPhone 4G along with her belt and bag before going through the metal detector. After that, she took her belt and bag, and went to complete her travelling procedures.

She was at the passport control area when she remembered that she forgot to take her phone. But it was not found at the inspection point when she returned and asked about the phone. On receipt of the complaint, the police set a team in coordination with the monitor team at the airport operation room. When they reviewed the surveillance cameras, they saw that a tall man wearing green dress taking the phone. From his dress it was assumed that the man is an airline crew of a Malaysian airline company.

The suspect was arrested within half hour from reporting the incident. According to the police the suspect confessed to taking the phone while he passed through the inspection point. The phone was recovered from his possession.

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