Monday, January 31, 2011

Post Egypt Uprising: Fox News on Islamageddon

Beck: Muslim coup in UK will follow revolution in Egypt

The Scrapbook team are at once amused and terrified by the increasingly fevered rants from Fox News firebrand Glenn Beck. In his latest prophecy, the reveals that if the Muslim Brotherhood seize power in Egypt, then a Muslim coup in the UK is inevitable.

While this turn of events would seem improbable to those with even a basic grasp of international politics, Beck is certain — once you get past his scattergun approach to grammar — that Islamageddon is nigh!

If the Muslim brotherhood takes Egypt, it destabilizes the entire Middle East. It sets the Middle East – if not immediately, within a reasonable period of time, sets the entire thing on fire …

As soon as anyone thinks that there is a shot, the Muslim radicals in Europe and in England rise up, once they [the Communists and the Muslims] start to work in concert, Europe is done.

His missive may be just the latest in a series of increasingly deranged right-wing pronouncements. Before you return the gas mask to the attic and take down the Anderson shelter, however, take a look at this historical LiveDesk map of the Middle East . It seems the Egyptians have, in Beck’s words, “set the entire thing on fire” and assumed control of Iraq!

Either that or the Fox News team have an embarrassingly poor grasp of foreign affairs.

We’ll let you decide which it is.

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