Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ramadhan di Gaza, Palestin

Sekiranya tiada aral melintang, saya bersama MAPIM ke Gaza untuk menyertai Ramadhan di Gaza dari 6 hingga 18 Ogos 2010 ini.

Buat mereka yang ingin menyumbang dana, boleh dilakukan secara tunai/cek/bank-in kepada:

Tabung Gaza - MAPIM
No akaun Bank Islam 08013010075820


By the

Malaysian Islamic NGO Consultation Council (MAPIM) and Secretariate for the Assembly of Ulama of Asia (SHURA)

The Malaysian Islamic NGO Consultation Council (MAPPIM) and The Secretariate for the Assembly of Ulama of Asia (SHURA) is organizing another end the siege endeavor to free Gaza from the Israel inhuman blockade.

As a Malaysian effort to continue supporting the Palestinian cause we are mobilizing international activists to participate in the Convoy themed “Ramadhan March for Freedom”.

The main objective of the convoy is to strengthen the pressure on Israel to lift the blockade and to free Gaza as a sovereign Palestinian nation.

The delegation will galvanize people’s strength from Malaysia and the world NGOs for freedom and peace will pursue to call on the Egyptian authorities to open the Rafah gate.

MAPPIM picks on the holy month of Ramadhan as a spiritually uniting force for all peace loving people to liberate Gaza from the on going aggression by the IDF.

The convoy will aim to galvanize people’s strength from around the world to challenge the blockade and allow Gaza to have equal access to the world.

The Freedom Flotilla massacre has not in anyway dampened the courage of the people to further the struggle to free Gaza .

MAPPIM will endeavor to execute the following :

  1. Lobby the international community to call and put pressure on the Egyptian authorities to re-open the Rafah gate permanently especially in the coming month of Ramadhan.
  1. To galvanize international NGOs and governments to allow the shipment of human aid through Rafah without any interference from the Israel regime.
  2. Secure the passage for humanitarian aid to continue effort to rebuild Gaza .
  3. Organize a re-development effort of Gaza by international agencies.
  4. Organize delegates in the Ramadhan Convoy to assess the needs of the people and to evaluate the current situation in Gaza while delivering humanitarian aids.

The phases of preparation :

  1. Solicit support and corporation from government authorities both in Malaysia , Egypt , the UN and the OIC to secure and facilitate the safe passage for the convoy.
  2. Prepare media participation in the program.
  3. Coordinate international networking to plan for the participating of international delegates.
  4. Launch the Ramadhan March for Freedom in Malaysia.
  5. Fund raise for the huminatarian aid.
  6. Prepare for the necessary logistic needs of the convoy .
  7. Plan for the detail schedule of the movement of the convoy.
  8. Communicating with the local authorities in Gaza and the international agencies to organize the program in Gaza.

Mohammad Azmi Abdul Hamid Abdul Ghani Samsuddin

Secretary General for MAPPIM Chairman SHURA