Thursday, July 08, 2010

New Zealand needs More skilled migrants (incl Chefs..)
With immigration numbers at its lowest since the recession was first announced in November 2008, New Zealand is now in serious need of skilled migrants to help strengthen the country’s economy.

According to Statistics New Zealand, in the last year, 15,200 more people departed permanently for Australia than arrived.

The numbers spell trouble for New Zealand says Business New Zealand, as they mean the country should be doing more to attract skilled migrants from overseas. Business New Zealand chief executive Phil O’Reilly says New Zealand has the added disadvantage of competing with Australia for skilled migrants, and so needs to offer better jobs and higher wages.

Working In Visas’ licensed immigration adviser Andy King says there is no shortage of skilled workers wanting to move to New Zealand but there has been a decrease in the number of applications, as the rules tend to become progressively stricter. For King, it’s important that the Immediate Skill Shortage List is updated on a more regular basis, to better reflect the country’s needs.

New Zealand won’t cap migration numbers

Unlike Britain, New Zealand won’t cap the number of foreign workers allowed to settle in the country.

Immigration Minister Jonathan Coleman says New Zealand needs skilled migrants to grow, and the country wouldn’t benefit from capping the number of foreign workers who bring their skills to the country.

“We’ve always matched our temporary permits to the demands of certain occupations,” says Coleman, “and the system has always worked well for New Zealand and is constantly being reviewed.” .

The British government will limit the number of foreign workers entering the country to 24,100 until April 2011.

Chef shortages hit restaurants

Restaurant owners in New Zealand are warning the government about a shortage of chefs and are worried not enough is being done to attract those skills to the country.

The Department of Labour (DOL), the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) and the Hospitality Association of New Zealand (Hanz) will meet with hotel representatives to further discuss the issue.

Some restaurateurs are reporting increased difficulties getting work visas for their staff, a situation which is forcing a lot of chefs out of the country, even though their employers wish to keep them.

“They keep coming back to us and saying there are people in New Zealand who can do these jobs,” says Tracy Scott, regional manager for Hanz, as quoted by Business Day. “Show them to us. Where are they? They're not applying for jobs.”

Immigration Minister Jonathan Coleman says Immigration New Zealand and the Ministry of Social Development need to communicate more clearly on the needs for different skills in New Zealand. “It’s not much good Immigration New Zealand saying that MSD is telling them they’ve got suitable people [to fill jobs] and it turns out those people aren’t suitable.”

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