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Exposed Arab political, military and moral bankruptcy

Israel’s barbaric attack on Gaza aid flotilla

Exposed Arab political, military and moral bankruptcy

By Latheef Farook

Israel’s barbaric attack on the humanitarian Gaza aid flotilla once again demonstrated to the world the blind complicity of the United States led Europe and exposed the political, military and moral bankruptcy of the Arab dictators.

In the face of Zionist Jewish crimes all cherished human values, human feelings and human kindness disappear from Western leaders who shamelessly defend all Israeli crimes or face humiliation as it happened, to cite an example, in the case of former US President Bill Clinton who was humiliated by Monica Lewinsky affair.

The latest being the price paid this week by veteran White House journalist Helen Thomas when she boldly said on May 27 that the Israelis should “get the hell out of Palestine” and return home to Germany., Poland or the United ‘States” .Pressure brought upon 89 year old Helen Thomas, long considered the dean of the White House press correspondents, was such that she had to apologize for this comment.

Such was the Jewish grip on the political and other key establishments in the US and Europe and thus the world.

The latest demonstration of this sickening state of affairs, affecting the entire world, is Israel’s attack on Turkish Gaza Aid Flotilla led by MAVI MARMARA. All what the US President Barack Obama’ and his administration together with other Western leaders said were “to regret and not condemn”.

Thus the lawless entity of Israel, established by means of violence, terrorism, massacres, deception and conspiracies in the robbed Palestinian lands, has been allowed to commit any crime with impunity and get away because of the unstinted all round support from US and Europe and shares the guilt.

In the case of Arab dictators, they collaborated for the past three years with Israelis to starve around 1.5 million brutalized Palestinians in Gaza .It was under such shameful and disgusting circumstances compassionate human beings from all over the world, stretching from Los Angles, New York, London, Paris and Middle East to South East Asia, collected food, medicine and other essential item and sailed to Gaza on their mercy mission while the Arabs turned blind eyes. They were spearheaded by Turkish humanitarian organizations.

These peace activists belonged to different religions, nationalities, languages and cultures, but bonded together in their desire to help ease the sufferings of unfortunate Palestinians in Gaza when they came forward to organize this mercy mission. Among them were men and women, young and the aged including noble laureate and parliamentarians. They felt the pain of those sufferings Palestinians in Gaza blockaded by Israel and Egypt’s oppressive dictator Hosni Mubarak

It was on these compassionate human beings that Israel unleashed its traditional barbarity in an act of banditry and killed some, injured many and took others into custody. This happened in the international waters in total violation of international law.

There were swift condemnations and demonstrations from all over the world. However there was an eerie silence in the Arab capitals .No Arab regime condemned this barbarity. In their drive to please their American, British, French and Zionist masters, these dictators also prevented their people from staging demonstrations to express their solidarity with the Palestinians.

This was the plight of the people all over Middle East where the rulers have turned their countries into open prisons as Israel had done in Gaza to punish the Palestinians for electing Hamas in the first ever free and fair elections held in January 2006 under the supervision of former United States President Jimmy Carter.

The attack on the ship Turkish MAVI MARMARA took place on Monday 31 May 2010.However there were no word from any Arab regime till Thursday 3 June 2010 when Amr Musa, Secretary General of the politically impotent Arab League stated that Israel has no right to impose blockade on Gaza. The question is where was he and his Arab League to the sufferings of Palestinians during the past three years?

Only country which came forward to help the Palestinians in Gaza was Turkey where Ottoman Rulers were toppled during World War 1 by the Jews and the British with the support of corrupt and bribed Arab dictators including Saudi rulers.

There was a time when Muslims all over the world looked to the Middle East, the land of Islam and Islamic history, for leadership. This proved disastrous disappointment. However Turkey’s initiative to help Palestinians provides some hope to the helpless Muslims worldwide.

Meanwhile six days after the attack on the Gaza Aid Flotilla there comes a shocking disclosure in the Doha based Al Jazeera Television’s popular weekly program “Inside Iraq” on Saturday 5 June exposing how some Arab regimes helped the US invasion of Iraq.

While discussing war crimes committed in Iraq by former US President George Bush and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, former White House Aid Brad Blakeman said that “if Bush and Blair were to be tried for war crimes then the Arab rulers who helped them in their invasion of Iraq too need to be tried.

He reiterated that the rulers of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and Kuwait too should be tried for war crimes in Iraq as they provided bases in their countries to US forces and facilitated the invasion of Iraq. He said Saudi rulers were “all out to remove Saddam Hussein from power”.

One columnist pointed out that Hosni Mubarak was bought over by the US with American tax payers’ money, on behalf of Israel, for an annual fee of US $ 1.5 billion. He in turn bribed and bought the opposition Thus Egypt was sold to Zionists. Jordan’s US installed dictator Abdulla, Saudi rulers, the Emir of Qatar and the Ruler of Kuwait helped the US-UK invasion and turned this once almost developed Arab and Muslim country where ancient civilizations flourished and once described as the golden period of Islam during Abbasid Caliphate, into a killing field and graveyard.

In fact Saudi Ruler Abdullah went all the way to Washington to award the highest national award to George Bush who was given red carpet welcome amidst traditional songs and dance in Riyadh. Israeli President Shimon Peres attended a dinner banquet he hosted there.

The irony is that he is the Custodian of Islam’s two holiest mosques in Makkah and Madina.

Thus they have become partners in the US led European crusade against Muslim Iraq and have in their hands the blood of around 1.4 million innocent Iraqis slaughtered. The pain and the humiliation of hundreds of thousands Iraqi men and women tortured, women raped, four million Iraqis rendered refugees and their sufferings are bound to haunt them to their graves?

This is the painful reality in the Middle East where the innocent people remain sandwiched between the mightiest powers on earth, US and Europe, and the mediaeval style Arab dictators who help implement Judeo-Christian evil designs against Arabs and Muslims as enemies within.

The irony is that this happens at a time when the Zionist Jews, Evangelical Christians and the RSS Hindus have joined together to unleash a vicious and ferocious global campaign against Islam and Muslims under the guise of fighting a so called war on terrorism.

The reality is that the US led West and the Arab dictators have become two sides of the Zionist Jewish coin. Thus it is matter of time before the Israeli flag flies in all Arab capitals including the land of Islam as it has been happening in Cairo and Amman.

The question is, under such circumstance, to whom the Muslims can turn to. Indications are that it is matter of time before; one after the other all Muslim countries will be turned into killing fields as they had done in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. Ends

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