Sunday, January 03, 2010

Burj Dubai by the numbers

When the world's tallest building is inaugurated on January 4, 2010, by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President & Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, the record books will brace themselves to receive a flood of new entries.

For many, Burj Dubai will be defined by its soaring beauty. Others will marvel at the audacity of its engineering. Countless more will cherish the breathtaking views from At The Top, Burj Dubai's

observation deck on level 124.

But for the compilers of the record books, it will be the statistics that etch the deepest impression.

At over 800 metres and with more than 160 floors, here are some of the essential numbers associated with the world's tallest building:
95 - the distance in kilometres at which Burj Dubai's spire can still be seen
124 - the floor location of 'At The Top', the world's highest and only publicly accessible observation deck with an outdoor terrace
160 - the number of luxury hotel rooms and suites
605 - the vertical height in metres to which concrete was pumped in the construction of Burj Dubai, a world record for concrete pumping
504 - the distance traveled, or 'rise' in metres of Burj Dubai's main service lift, the most of any elevator 49 - the number of office floors, including the 12-floor annexure
57 - the number of elevators
1,044 - the total number of residential apartments inside Burj Dubai
3,000 - the number of underground parking spaces
5,500 - the capacity in kilograms of the tower's service lift
31,400 - the amount of steel rebar in metric tonnes used in the structure of Burj Dubai
28,261- the number of glass cladding panels making up the exterior of tower and
its two annexes
15,000 - the amount of water in litres collected from the tower's cooling equipment that will be used for landscaping irrigation
900 - the length in the feet of the world's tallest performing fountain, The Dubai Fountain, that lies at the foot of the tower
19 - the number of hectares of lush green landscaping that envelops the foot of the tower
12,000 - the numbers of workers on site during peak of construction

Lightning strikes the Burj Dubai

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