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Goodbye Pak Lah from Agong

It was the opening of the new session of Parliament, but even the King’s focus was on the prime minister who will step down office next month.


parliament 160209 tuanku mirzanIn the Royal Address, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin took note of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s achievements during his six-year tenure since November 2003.

“I would like to express my appreciation to Abdullah on his leadership and all his contributions to the country especially on its democracy, accountability, integrity, fight against corruption, the independence of judiciary and also Islam Hadhari,” said the King.

Abdullah remained expressionless when the close-circuit television camera focused on him, and even when Barisan Nasional backbenchers thumped their tables loudly to show support.

parliament 160209 abdullah badawiTuanku Mizan said he was confident that the country would be successfully helmed by Najib Abdul Razak, currently deputy premier, when the transition of power takes place.

He further complimented Abdullah (centre in photo) on his success in establishing the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and Judicial Appointments Commission, saying this is “clear evidence that my government has kept its word to fight against corruption and abuse of power”.

“I am convinced these two commissions will increase the confidence of the public and strengthen the nation’s integrity,” he added.

"Don't disunite the people'

However, the King expressed disappointment with certain quarters who play up racial issues both inside the House and elsewhere.

Among issues that have ignited heated debate are the alleged marginalisation of minority races and ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy).

“I want to stress that my government will not hesitate to take action against anyone who tries to disunite the people. I would also like to say that everyone’s rights are protected and respected as enshrined in the Federal constitution,” he said to applause.

The House also heard that the monarch takes a serious view of “false news and lies that are spread all over the Internet, which only creates confusion among the people”.

“We should learn from history where the fall of empires and civilisations have been caused by lies, jealousy and division among the people...the citizens should instead be wise in evaluating news,” he said.

‘Focus on economy’

Met for their response after the opening ceremony, opposition politicians expressed greater interest in discussing the RM7 billion stimulus package announced by Najib last year rather than issues lined up for this sitting.

The package included injecting RM4.8 billion into the economy through a reduction of contributions to the EPF retirement fund, RM1.2 billion to build low- and medium-cost houses and hundreds of millions of ringgit for the building, improvement and maintenance of basic infrastructure and public amenities.

tian chua 02Tian Chua, the PKR representative for Batu, said he hopes for focus on the economic situation to limit the impact of recession and to prevent retrenchment of workers.

“I hope this stimulus package does not look mainly at numbers, but comes up with an estimation of job opportunities for locals under this package,” he said.

abdul khalid ibrahimPKR’s Bandar Tun Razak MP, Abdul Khalid Ibrahim - also Selangor menteri besar - said the government should be more open.

“We would like to see whether the budget is enough to help the Malaysian economy and ensure that all the discussion is very detailed and targeted to the needs of Malaysians,” he said.

The 20-day session ending March 19 will see debate on the Special Complaints Commission Bill the final piece of reform legislation that Abdullah wants to push through before relinquishing his premiership.

The SCC was first presented to Parliament in December 2007, but was withdrawn due to overwhelming protest.

Other Bills expected to be debated are the Witness Protection Bill, Judges' Ethics Committee Bill and the DNA Bill.

Nude photos of YB Elizabeth Wong - Invasion of privacy Malaysiakini

Invasion of privacy
By Frankie D'Cruz and Yushaimi Yahaya February 16, 2009 Categories: News

WONG: Human rights activist since her student days
Nude photographs of Selangor State executive councillor Elizabeth Wong have emerged on public domain — and she is furious over the intrusion of her privacy.

The photos, believed to have been taken with a camera phone, show the 37-year-old Bukit Lanjan assemblyman in various positions in the bedroom of her Bukit Gasing home in Petaling Jaya.

The first-term Parti Keadilan Raykat legislator was apparently unaware that the photographs were being taken as she appeared to be asleep.

Malay Mail was alerted to the photographs and their veracity was confirmed by Wong as the pictures were taken in her bedroom.

It is understood that a video clip could have also been produced. The identity of the photographer remains a mystery.

When shown the photographs, Wong expressed shock and said it was an invasion of her privacy. She said she was unaware that the photos were being taken and “I was probably asleep”.

It is not known if the photos are widely available publicly. How it spilled on public domain is also not clear.

On-the-go Wong’s win in the last general election had propelled her from a “nobody” social activist to a government “big shot”.

She was made exco member in charge of tourism, consumer affairs and environment matters.

She had been involved in human rights since her student days in Sydney and subsequently during her work in Nepal.

She is also a political consultant and has been involved in the setting up of the Asean Inter-Parliamentary Myanmar Caucus for Democracy and the Solidarity Campaign for Human Rights in Aceh.

During her university days, she was involved with several extreme environmentalist groups.

Once she even paddled in the sea against the currents to protest against a shipment of unecologically harvested lumber from entering Australia.

Those hippie activities have stopped. But her opponents today are bigger, stronger and more insidious than a ship or rough waters.

Nude Photos of YB Bukit teLANJANg may crash the google engine - Malaysiakini

The excitement over this issue is about to jam the google servers. The nude pictures was all the talk around Parliament Monday morning and our ministers and YBs are all searching for the photos amongst themselves by forgetting rakyat main issues.

The imagination went wild all over the nation and the search on the photos is everyone’s business, where are the photos?

Well, who remembers Agong’s speech by now which already bidded farewell to Pak Lah? Who remembers Hee and three other kataks? Who remembers amything beyond nude photos of YB Bukit teLANJANg?

The police say that they are yet to see the photos. OCPD Asst Comm Arjunaidi Mohamed confirmed a report was lodged and that police were investigating.
He appealed anyone who has received or seen the nude pictures of Wong to come forward and cooperate with the police.
"We don't have the pictures and we have not seen them, either," he said.
The pictures are believed to have been taken using a handphone, possibly before the general election last March

There will be sleepless nights and nightmares for YB Elizabeth Wong.

It is euphoria in Khir Toyo’s camp and celebrating a victory over nudity.

If this is about politics at the lowest ebb after sodomy and sex-tapes, then our economy can be more disastrous in no time. And Najib does not even use another C4!

Bogel photos of YB Elizabeth Wong The Aftermath

It will be difficult for Elizabeth Wong from today to face her constituents especially from male species with perverted minds. They may look at her with something sinister. The will look through her, literally.

There will be jokes flying around.

Now Bukit Lanjan already changed to Bukit teLANJANg. It’s a sham and shame.
I believe she should have her privacy protected. Then again, this is Malaysia dear Elizabeth. Anything that can smear you will be used, either you are wrong or right, guilty or innocent.

It is perception, stupid.

And all politicians must not only clean, but must be seen clean. Her former boyfriend or whoever Scum of the earth circulates Elizabeth Wong’s nude photos will not bear the consequences of this betrayal of trust.

Clean or even dirty nude photos are something not yet acceptable by our society at large. And as a victim of circumstances, Elizabeth may face worse situation than Hee, the most hated woman in the country now as Elizabeth Wong is bared for all to see….and have we forgotten about Hee already?

My two fils (cents) only.

'Gross invasion of her privacy'
S Pathmawathy & Rahmah Ghazali Feb 16, 09 2:36pm
Both government and opposition lawmakers have condemned the actions of those who were involved in leaking nude pictures of Bukit Lanjan assemblyperson Elizabeth Wong.

Selangor Mentri Besar Khalid Ibrahim, asked if Wong would be asked for her resignation, said the state government would look into all aspects of the incident before making a decision on the matter.

“Let the police report go through (it) and then we will have our own discussion on the issue,” said Khalid.
“We are open to all possibilities but given the situation it is best to give the victim the right of hearing and we have to listen to her explanation.

”Wong , 37, is also executive councillor in charge of the tourism, consumer affairs and environment portfolio. She lodged a police report last night, urging police to act against those circulating nude photos of her.
Khalid was speaking to reporters today after the opening of the second session of Parliament.

What other parliamentarians said:
Teresa Kok, Seputeh MP and Kinrara assemblypersonI’ve started to worry about being in my own home... I am afraid there could be a camera in my bathroom.I truly feel sad and sorry for (Wong) after she told me about it yesterday.
I had a bad dream last night and I can understand how this kind of thing can haunt a woman. I urge the police to take this matter seriously and I hope the culprit can charged. Why should she resign? Our job is to serve to people. It is not similar to the sex scandal involving (former Health Minister Dr) Chua Soi Lek because he is a married man and he was engaged in something that was morally wrong.
Wong (left) is still single and this incident happened in her private life and in her private home... she did not steal another person's husband or anything of that sort... (In Wong’s case) This was a private activity, she was sleeping while the photographs were taken.

It is an utter betrayal of trust and I believe it is politically motivated. If this is really the act of a former boyfriend, then he has been used to ruin her political career.

Noraini Ahmah, Deputy Human Resources MinisterRegardless of (who it is), we have to have respect their privacy and it has to be protected. We should also educate society to refrain from invading people's privacy.
Still, as a leader, we should always maintain our attitude and behaviour. Once you are a leader you do not have a private life any more, and I believe that anything that we do will be monitored.

R Sivarasa, Subang MPIt is a gross invasion of her privacy. The photos had fallen into the hands of unscrupulous people and they have passed it around.
If she has to resign because of this, everything you do in private will become public.

Syed Hamid Albar, Home Minister
PKR has a lot of problematic people and they should settle their problems first before deciding to become the people's representatives in Parliament or even in the state assembly.Well, if she is the victim...I do not know... she is entitled to make a police report and the police will investigate.

You may take naked photos in your private home, but you have to make sure the the public will not get it. In this case it is too early to say who is responsible.

Nazri Abdul Aziz, Minister in Prime Minister's Department
I sympathise with the executive councillor, this thing should have not happened as she the people's representative and she had been performing her duties.Therefore, to foil what she has done for the community in this manner is not good. But I hope her spirits (remain strong) and she will not bother about what has happened.

YB Bukit teLANJANg - Elizabeth Wong's Nude Statement

Wong: I was a victim

Elizabeth Wong, the Selangor exco for tourism, environment and consumer affairs, released the following press statement at 2.45pm today stating that the public distribution of her nude photos was a gross outrage of her modesty. The following is her statement in full.
I was informed on Friday, Feb 13, 2009 by journalists from the Malay Mail that they have in their possession intimate photos of myself and that the newspaper will be publishing a story about these photographs.

I was told that some people are trying to distribute photos/videos showing me asleep in partial nudity and also in intimate positions.
The distribution and publication of these photos/video is a malicious attack on my personality. This constitutes a gross outrage on my modesty, a gross invasion of my privacy, and in particular the sanctity of my personal life. It is being done by unscrupulous persons to embarrass and discredit me?
I am a victim in this incident.I have yesterday lodged a police report in relation to this matter and I will fully cooperate with the police in their investigation. I will therefore not speculate publicly about those responsible for this gross invasion of my privacy.
I have received a lot of support from my supporters, friends, colleagues and members of my constituency. I wish to thank them for their concern, support and encouragement.My family members are standing behind me. I would like to appeal to the media to give me and my family members some breathing space in this trying time so that I can weather this huge challenge.I will in the meantime continue to carry out my task of serving the people of Selangor faithfully.
Elizabeth Wong
Bukit Lanjan assemblyperson
Exco for Tourism, Environment and Consumer Affairs

Nude Photos of YB Elizabeth Wong - Valentine day Special that went wrong – Malaysiakini.

There is something cloudy in the air today, the Agong has just opened the second session of the 12th Parliament. Perak haram government into another week on uncertainty and rumours about pending BN’s takeover in Selangor dan Kedah been circulating.

RPK just wrote his Probably last message to Malaysians as he may be holidaying again under ISA scheme for good.
Then came the bombshell that could turn another wave of second economic stimulus. Najib may have something to do with the explosion, it is not C4 but nudes photos of YB Elizabeth Wong.

Let’s see whether the post valentine day nude photos will swept away the high drama of Perak’s haram government, RPK’s ISA and by-election fever.

Is this a cunning strategy or what?

Nude photos of YB Elizabeth Wong

Nude photos: Exco lodges police report
Feb 16, 09 9:45am
Selangor executive councillor Elizabeth Wong, whose nude photographs are being circulated in public, has made a report urging the police to investigate the matter.
According to the Bukit Lanjan assemblyperson, she lodged the report at the Damansara police station in Petaling Jaya at about 11pm last night.It is believed that the photographs were taken using a camera phone without her consent most likely by a former boyfriend while she was sleeping.
Malaysiakini has seen a couple of the photos, one of which shows the tourism, consumer affairs and environment exco, asleep naked in bed.