Monday, February 09, 2009

Is Resume Posting To All Job Boards Worth It??

I received this in my inbox. Some tips during this downturn. It may work, it may not. Still, the best jobs are rarely advertised, and networking is a better channel for good jobs.

So, you're considering putting your resume on, Monster, HotJobs, CareerBuilder, Net-Temps, Dice, and a ton of others. But you're wondering, is it worth the time?

The answer is "yes". Read on...

Are There Jobs Available?
More than ever with the continuing upswing in the economy, companies are searching career websites to locate job candidates to fill new job openings in their businesses.

And while there are currently millions of jobs listed on all the top career websites, many companies report they are searching the job boards for candidates without posting their upcoming jobs -- due to a fear of an onslaught of unqualified applications.

That makes this the BEST time to put your resume on all major career websites reported to be searched by 1.5 million employers, recruiters and hiring managers daily.

According to a poll by the Society for Human Resource Management, 88% of human resource professionals now rely on the Internet to fill open positions in their organizations.

How long does it take?
Researching which websites to post to and then filling out all of their forms will take a fair amount of time. If you don't want to spend 60 hours filling out forms and researching websites, you can turn to a resume distribution company, which will instantly post your resume on over 80 top career websites for you. They can be found by searching on google.

This website is easy to use, takes only 5 minutes to complete, saves you tons of time and instantly posts your resume on all the best websites like, HotJobs, CareerBuilder, Net-Temps, Monster, Dice & more.

Why post to all the career websites?

The answer is: To be in the right places at the right times! Especially now.
While many companies search the largest career websites, increasingly employers and recruiters are cutting costs by searching the lesser expensive mid-sized career websites.

This means that the hiring managers and jobs are dispersed amongst a large number of career websites. And in this market, the window of opportunity for a job is a little smaller than usual, so it's important that you're where the jobs are when they're available.

Can I Post My Resume Confidentially?
You can still post your resume online while remaining anonymous if you use this resume distribution company by selecting "Post My Resume Confidentially" during their registration process. In this case they will select the confidentiality option on career websites offering that feature. For career websites that do not offer a confidentiality feature, they will replace your personally identifiable information and current company name with something non-descript.

Does It Really Work?
It's a fact that most hiring managers use the internet to find their candidates. Of course, when there are more jobs available in the market, your chances are better of finding a job faster.
However, even when the job market is weak it's even more important that you give yourself a competitive advantage over others competing for the same jobs, by making sure your resume is "findable" on ALL top career websites.

Najib's Economic Stimulus -by-elections

Najib has been trying to avoid elections at all costs, both in United Malays National Organisation as well as state level. He won the presidency of United Malays National Organisation without any contest (of course...he is the chosen one to lead the special Malays) but had suffered two by-election losses.

He is the mastermind behind the Perak United Malays National Organisation 's coup to install an illegitimate state government. He thought he could be another United Malays National Organisation 's hero. His evil smile was all over the media.

Najib may have his devil plans to steer the economic and political directions into his way....after the Perak's coup...United Malays National Organisation must win the Bukit Gantang parliamentary and (yet t o confirm) Bukit Selambau state by-elections by hook or by crook, mostly by crook.

This campaign is also part of his economic stimulus to further enrich (rob more money) his cronies when he occupies the putrajaya palace. Cronies are already planning to rob everything possible....that's United Malays National Organisation way of power transfer, they transfer the power from the predecessor robbers to successor robbers to rob public money for their own extravaganza lives.

As it is now, more money, goodies, promises and threats to give away during the current turmoil....Najib of course will use our money and abuse government machinery as always! He may win this time with the consent of the Sultan as most Malays are already penderhakas.

Big Mama will be busier than ever with two by elections....she gonna have her day!

Monkey Story by Bakri Musa

There was this story of a peddler of hats who one day fell asleep under a tree in the heat of the day. When he woke up, his hats were all gone except for the one on his head. On looking up he saw the monkeys in the tree with hats. The peddler tried all manner of tricks to induce those monkeys to part with their newfound toys, but to no avail. In disgust he threw his hat to the ground and stomped off. In the finest “monkey see, monkey do” mode, the apes did the same, and that was how the peddler recovered his merchandise.

A generation later it was the peddler’s son who fell asleep under the same tree. He too lost his hats to the monkeys. Remembering the lesson imparted from his father, the young man threw his hat to the ground. At which point the monkeys laughed at him. “You are not getting your hats back,” they scoffed, “we learned your trick from our parents!”

When Najib enticed those monkeys of politics to Barisan, he stole a play from Anwar Ibrahim’s game book. Anwar may rightly feel flattered by Najib’s imitating, or more correctly, aping. However, like the hat-peddler’s son, Najib may have learned his lesson well but what he may not realize is that those political monkeys too had learned their lessons! They are making a monkey of Najib.

When you have a bunch of monkeys and an equally mischievous as well as irresponsible handler, there is no telling what lasting damage they could inflict. It is time to let Najib out of his monkey business and free those monyet under his keep to once again roam the jungle where they belong. If out of habit they still hang around us waiting for their bananas and making a pest of themselves, then we should kill a rooster or two. That would scare away those monkeys.

Dubai's population and job opportunities are still growing

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the UAE economy is expected to grow about three per cent this year. Although the IMF did not make any specific projection on the economic growth of the UAE, Massod Ahmad, IMF director for Middle East and Central Asia, said the UAE economy is not in recession and the IMF is "comfortable" with the growth forecasts of about three per cent made by the government.

The UAE national GDP growth this year to be between 2.5 per cent and 3 per cent. For Dubai it is expected it to be slightly less than that....Dubai's real GDP growth was more than eight per cent last year, whereby sectors such as real estate, construction and tourism have been challenged by the global economic gloom.

Dubai official maintained that despite these challenges, Dubai's growth will remain in positive territory this year and the emirate is doing everything to protect employment and human capital which is central to the growth of Dubai.

Commenting on rumours that large numbers of expatriates are leaving the country and the government is still in a state of denial, Dubai official said on the contrary, the government has been very proactive dealing with the impact of the global recession and continuing its commitment to projects that are viable under the current circumstances.

So read the report by Robert Ditcham below (again, I have some problems to believe the report though):

Dubai’s population is continuing to grow, a government official said yesterday, despite reports that the economic downturn has resulted in the loss of thousands of jobs.

The emirate issued 1,000 more visas a day than it cancelled last month, Raed Safadi, the chief economist for the Government of Dubai, said yesterday at a conference.
“They’re still positive,” he said, referring to the net entries of people to Dubai.

However, the growth in net entries has slowed in recent months. Based on Mr Safadi’s figures, 31,000 more people received Dubai work visas than those who cancelled their labour or residence permits in January.
The emirate issued a net increase of about 40,000 visas in December and in a normal month issues a net of 59,000 work visas, he said.Dubai’s Ministry of Labour is cancelling an average of 1,500 work permits and visas a day, according to some newspaper reports. Mr Safadi, declining to confirm that number, said the city needed to support growth in consumer demand and job creation to guarantee the economy’s expansion in the future.

Late last month, a senior officer at the Abu Dhabi Residency and Naturalisation Department said the emirate received 400 to 1,000 new visa applications every day. He said the number of cancellations remained stable, 50 to 200 a day.
Speculation about the extent of job losses and outward migration across the country prompted an economist at Standard Chartered Bank, Mary Nicola, to suggest last month that “the biggest risk facing the UAE economy is related to its labour market”.

The UAE’s redundancies started last year when Morgan Stanley laid off 15 per cent of its Dubai staff and Goldman Sachs let go 10 per cent of its workforce.Layoffs then spread to local firms in the property and financial services sectors.
Nakheel dismissed 15 per cent of its staff and Shuaa Capital nine per cent in the fourth quarter last year.Other property developers and construction companies have laid off staff after scaling back projects and cancelling new developments.

Morgan Stanley has said US$263 billion (Dh71.6bn) worth of projects have been cancelled or postponed in the UAE.

In recent weeks, Mashreqbank and Damac Properties have cut jobs, while major hotel chains are laying off staff in reaction to sinking occupancy rates.