Friday, December 04, 2009

World's Friendliest Countries

Congratulations to Malaysia for being voted into 5th spot in the list of

World's Friendliest Countries

I hope it does not mean that illegals will continue roaming our cities and towns for illegal activities in big numbers. Friendly does not mean we condone such intrusion into our society that could lead in higher crime rate.

We are friendly people who receive our guests with warm welcome and hospitality.

These nations are the most hospitable to expatriates, according to a new report.

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RankCountryMaking FriendsMaking Local FriendsJoining Community GroupsOrganizing School For My ChildrenOrganizing My FinancesOrganizing My Health CareFinding Somewhere To LiveSetting Up Utilities
6South Africa6283146314
7Hong Kong31712172583
10United States1574122024107

1 comment:

Damodaran said...

Dear Sir,

India is the most friendly country in the World.

No Indian Can go and stand for a minute in any other country in this World. But, millions of Foreigners are in this country including unaccounted numbers of Bangla Desh citizens in India.

Therefore, India is the most friendly country in this World.

With best regards,