Monday, December 21, 2009

Big Increase in Crimes by Women in the United Arab Emirates

While browsing some English newspapers at a nearby grocery, today's Khaleej Times headline suddenly captured my attention.

I was astonished to read the report. Unbelievable indeed. However, the report is very general and does not detail out the statistics on nationalities. By mentioning 'Asian', or 'Arab' does not help to identify the demography as Asian can mean half of world's population.

It is good to be aware of the offenses by these criminals for precautionary measures. Women are humans too.

Big Increase in Crimes by Women
Amira Agarib

21 December 2009,
From stealing Dh3 m worth of make-up items to the violent torture and murder of a man, an increasing number of crimes committed by women have come to light in the recent past.

This year, women were involved in 2,738 crimes, up from 1,645 crimes in 2008, according to a study conducted by the General Department of Criminal Control, Dubai Police.

Brigadier Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Director of Criminal Investigation Department, said police found that women were competing with men in committing crimes, even perpetrating cruel and violent acts of revenge.

“In the past, women only committed misdemeanour crimes, but now we find them involved in serious crimes,” Al Mansouri pointed out. “Some women have set up gangs and are not just playing minor roles in gangs composed of men.”

Among the most common crimes committed by women were snatching and road rage attacks on other women.

Al Mansouri said women criminals often had modus operandi different from those used by men.

“They are usually involved in exploiting people’s emotions, especially when carrying out thefts,” said Al Mansouri.

Major Jamal Al Jalaf, Director of General Department of Criminal Control, said some women acted aggressively when committing crimes.

He cited the example of two Asian women who were convicted of killing an Asian man with whom they had relationships. After they discovered he had relations with a third woman, they tortured him with sharp tools, leading to his death.

Al Jalaf said many women, especially housemaids who became pregnant out of wedlock, killed their new-born babies.

He also referred to a case where a mother allegedly burnt her daughter by pouring a chemical over her when the girl insisted on marrying a man her mother had rejected. The girl’s head, face and hands were badly burnt.

He said women are also involved in prostitution, other sex crimes and drug abuse.

Women’s involvement in thefts, too, is quite common, especially in theft of mobile phones belonging to roommates or from visitors to malls.

Al Jalaf said that women’s gangs used smart techniques to carry out thefts from shops, especially from beauty products shops.

“A woman stole make-up brushes worth Dh42,000,” Al Jalaf said. “Forty-nine cases were reported against her and she had stolen make-up items worth Dh3 million.”

In another case, a gang of three to four women targeted a number of shopping malls. Two of them would steal perfumes and cosmetics and flee after passing the stolen items to the other pair waiting in a taxi outside the mall.

The women were arrested and police found that one of the women had stolen make-up material worth Dh5,000 to boast to her friends that she had branded items.

In one of the cases, a 20-year-old woman stole men’s perfumes and pyjamas for her boyfriend. She was caught before she could present the stolen items to the man she loved.

In some cases, women criminals targeted men, beat them up and fled after snatching valuables. Women are not lagging behind their male counterparts in cases of fraud and cheating.

Al Jalaf said a woman was held for cheating people by collecting millions of dirhams through fake online investment schemes. There were also offences in which some women were found to have used electronic means — SMS and email — to damage the reputation of other women.

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