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Mosque visit by non-Muslim and Conversion to Islam through Cell Phone Hotline service.

Jais director Datuk Mohamed Khusrin Munawi told Utusan Malaysia that non-Muslims cannot enter mosques as "they are like women with menstruation" after an alleged ceramah by Selangor executive councillor Dr Xavier Jeyakumar in a Klang mosque.

I would like to reserve my comment, however, news on people converted to Islam through cell phone service and mosque visit program by Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding in Dubai which has attracted a lot of non-Muslims to participate.

JAIS or JAKIM or other state Islamic agencies in malaysia may have similar programs.

Around 5,480 people convert to Islam through mobile hotline

Middle East News

Nov 5, 2009, 10:36 GMT

Riyadh - Around 5,480 people converted to Islam in Saudi Arabia through the 'Bring me to Islam' cell phone hotline service, media reports said on Thursday.

The service, provided in 12 languages, was launched to raise awareness among foreign communities in the kingdom, the Saudi daily Okaz reported.

Any person can suggest names of non-Muslims he thinks they might convert to Islam through text messages to the hotline, along with their numbers and the language they speak.

Later, preachers would call these non-Muslims and try to introduce them to Islam, without revealing the number of the person who suggested their names.

Preachers would call again if the person showed a desire to continue receiving these phone calls, Okaz said, adding that around 800,000 phone calls were made, costing 120,000 Saudi Riyals (32,000 dollars).

Venue : Jumeirah Mosque
Timing : Every Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday at 10:00am
No booking required, just register outside the Mosque prior to the visit. Private and evening tours can be arranged. Contact SMCCU for details. Private visits can be conducted in other languages with prior notice.
The meeting point is outside the Mosque, opposite to The One furniture showroom.

Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding designed this programme to increase awareness and understanding between various nationalities living and visiting the Emirates.

The mosque tour takes one hour and a quarter, and visitors are invited to discover more about the life and religion of the Emirates by asking as many questions as possible.

It is in fact a beautiful experience, informative yet spiritual. This is the only mosque in the U.A.E., which is open to non-Muslims, although a dedicated guide of the SMCCU must accompany visitors. Appropriate dress code is required.

Over the past ten years Jumeirah Mosque has become renown to the public as the learning centre and focal point of the Open Doors. Open Minds. programme
(Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding).

The level of participation in this activity has increased from an average of 50 visitors to up to 450 visitors in a single visit!

There are some regulations for entering the mosque and we do appreciate your cooperation :

  • Kindly do not enter the mosque unless accompanied by registered guide from Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding
  • Tour companies must not enter the mosque unless accompanied by a registered guide from Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding.
  • Conservative dress for both men and ladies is essential; loose trousers, or long skirts, long sleeves, and a head scarf for ladies. Long shorts for men are acceptable.
  • Please do not touch books displayed on shelves inside the mosque.
  • Please remove shoes before entering the mosque.
  • Kindly no children under the age of 5 years, to avoid disturbing our other guests
  • Professional photographers, reporters and T.V crews must contact the centre prior to any visit to the Mosque.
  • Do not forget your camera! You are welcome to take photographs

The open question & answer session allows our guests to ask any questions relating to Islam and the culture without feeling afraid that they might offend.

* For private visits please contact (SMCCU)

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Mohd Yussof said...

Salam Saudara Fudhail,

Usaha murni oleh pihak tertentu di Saudi Arabia sememangnya amat baik. Ia juga banyak dilakukan oleh pihak masjid-masjid di Amerika bagi memberi ruang kepada bukan Islam yang berminat dengan Islam. Namun amat malang sekali di Malaysia, kita tidak mengambil kesempatan dari minat yang ditunjukkan oleh bukan Islam khususnya pelancong dari Eropah yang berkunjung ke masjid khususnya Masjid Negara dan Masjid Jamek. Kita Tidak menyediakan pendakwah bagi menyampaikan mesej Islam sebaliknya meletakkan pegawai keselamatan yang tidak mempunyai semangat menyebar Islam hingga adakalanya menakutkan
mereka yang telah dibukakan pintu hati oleh Allah terhadap Islam.