Friday, September 04, 2009

New Zealand Needs You

New Zealand is attracting more and more people from far-flung cultures, creating our own mini-melting pot. We are a tolerant culture filled with a creative and competitive spirit – and a society that may well appeal to you.

Next Steps for Working and Living in New Zealand

Visa options to research include:

A Working Holiday Visa. It’s a great way to explore the opportunities available for living and working in New Zealand, allowing you to enjoy New Zealand’s diversity, while you travel, play and work! The working holiday visa is a temporary visa and only applies to certain countries.

A Work Visa – 18 and up (no age limit). A general work visa is a temporary visa that allows you to work in a specific job for a specific period of time up to 3 years.

A Skilled Migrant Visa is also an option for someone with your qualifications. Because New Zealand needs certain skills, experience, educational qualifications, we have created this visa category to expedite processing and opportunities. The SMC is a residency visa and is for those planning to live in New Zealand long term.

For complete information on immigration from your country, please contact your local New Zealand consulate:

Someone with your background might find it most useful to go directly to industry associations and begin to make contact with them. We suggest you start by clicking here.

General Information about the New Zealand Job Market

For a general look at the job vacancy situation in New Zealand, we recommend you look at several well-frequented sites.

One of the most popular sites for job-seekers in New Zealand is

Other popular sites to check out include:

Overall, you'll find New Zealand a great place to live, even for a short time. And New Zealanders are an extraordinarily friendly and helpful people with whom you'll feel quickly at home.

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