Thursday, July 30, 2009

When a Syrian PRO can be a CEO of Malaysian company in Abu Dhabi

What a joke, one of the best jokes ever!

Read this, a PRO (Public Relation Officer), which in the UAE means a man in white jubah who assists the companies in getting employee visas, mostly dealing with the UAE Naturalization and Immigration Department, has been appointed as the CEO of a Malaysian company in Abu Dhabi.

Normally these PROs are Emiratis.

The PRO-cum-CEO of that Malaysian company is a Syrian. How BIZARRE!

The company I believe is a listed company back home.

And the PRO-cum-CEO is firing Malaysians who refuse to part with their passports. He is also threatening Malaysia employees that he can make sure that whoever refuse to obey his (as CEO) instruction will NOT get any jobs in Malaysia! How powerful indeed.

Under the UAE law, as everywhere else (except Saudi I think), EMPLOYERS CANNOT KEEP THE EMPLOYEES PASSPORTS!

Details to follow!!!


kechi said...

who the hell is he? can i kill him?

H S Lee said...

This is the sickness arising from the culture of lowering the bar of excellence to let the cronies or even crony's friends to cross easily. If the management of any organization or even a country is not inclusive, objective and fair to all (no use just sloganeering "1Malaysia" in rhetoric), meritocracy will get its knock-out punch. Without meritocracy, it spawns mediocrity and all hell will run loose. Very sad to have this culture now but on the other hand, very happy to note that no bad things last forever and surely as all societies become globalized no one can escape the realm of Charles Darwin's survival of the fittest grip on everyone.

adida said...

salam...ini yang dinamakan kaduk naik junjung...