Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Saudi has no Women Rights?

Somehow, those who claimed to be the best Muslims are really bad examples. I was shocked to read the Arab News (below) : Police free woman locked up by husband for three years

It gives the impression that women have no rights in Islam as Saudi claimed to be the guardian of two holy mosques and protector of Islam.

Sisters-in-Islam will have a field day and Islam as always, gets the bad name under the pretext of abuse of human rights, women rights etc.

It was reported that a female “foreign legal resident” and her eight-month old child were rescued from an abandoned house in Jeddah where she alleges they’d been imprisoned for the last three years. Her captor? The son of her sponsor, a man with whom she’d been entered into a temporary marriage.

You’ll recall my entry, Temporary marriages with Indonesian women on rise, about an alarming increase in the number of Indonesian women unknowingly entering into temporary marriages with Saudi guys.

The news reported that, the 'husband' was arrested – but as per normal Saudi procedures involving the 'locals',who knows for what or for how long. Locals have sometimes or most of the times, immunity. Bizarre but it is true.

The unfortunate 'wife' and the child were taken to the hospital and then relocated to a women’s shelter.

It seems fine but as I mentioned, things may go “Saudi” ways.

It is normal somehow that as per described by a blogger:-
In order to press charges, the woman must “prove” her relationship with the man who kept her locked away in an abandoned house for the last three years. If she can’t prove any relationship…well, too bad for her…no matter what happened within the house of horrors.

And things get even worse.

If she can’t prove the relationship, the woman’s sponsor – the father of her alleged abuser and captor, grandfather of her baby, and her (temporary) father-in-law – now holds the power to make the whole thing go away. All he has to do is refuse to re-sponsor the woman and she will be deported.

And her child? Well since the child was conceived in a temporary marriage, the father doesn’t actually have any responsibilities – that’s all part of the sweet deal the Saudi guys broker in this prostitution scheme. No strings attached sex and all.

If the woman presses for paternity – in effect getting the father (who just so happens to be her abuser and captor) to put the child on his family card through legal action, then the father automatically gains custody of the baby!

Let’s recap.

A woman is abused and kept prisoner for three years.

In order to press charges against the man who imprisoned her, impregnated her and, according to authorities physically abused her (duh), the woman must get the man’s agreement that they were in a relationship.

If she does get that confirmation from her captor, then he gets permanent custody of her child.

If she doesn’t get the green light from the guy, his father, who just so happens to be her sponsor, can have her deported.

No matter what happens, this woman loses.

Yeah – that’s what happens when women have no rights.

Police free woman locked up by husband for three years
Arab News

JEDDAH: Police rescued a woman from false imprisonment who they say has been locked by her husband in an abandoned house for three years, the daily Al-Watan reported yesterday.

The woman was found with an eight-month-old child. Police were tipped off by a passerby who heard the woman screaming for help inside the house.

The woman was identified only as a foreign legal resident. She reportedly told her rescuers that she has been married under a no-obligation marriage (misyar) to the son of her sponsor.

Jeddah police told the daily the man was arrested. The name of the culprit was not disclosed. The case has been transferred for further investigation.

The woman was taken to Jeddah’s King Fahd Hospital where she was examined. The report said the woman had signs of physical abuse.

Omar Al-Khuli, an official at an unnamed family shelter, said the woman must prove her relationship to the man.

For the child to be considered a Saudi citizen (eligible for social benefits and education), the woman must now file a lawsuit to get the man who allegedly imprisoned her to place the child on his family ID card.

Doing so would also allow the man to claim custody of the child. The woman can be deported when her iqama expires unless her sponsor or the courts intervene.


MAHAGURU58 said...


That's the consequences that these gullible wealth seeking folks suffer when they reach those lands and fall prey to the designs of those who fear not any reprisals from Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala here on earth for they are the rich and powerful.

I say that if they who went there looking for a better life end up being abused and tortured by those criminals, they brought it upon themselves.

They ought to have known better.

This is the era of the internet.

Only those who are deaf, dumb and blind intellectually will go ensnare themselves in such a mess.

a kl citizen said...

this is an era of internet.... yes, for those who can afford it..

but for most of these poor indonesian women, they have no other option..

that Arabs....!! Arghh..