Friday, June 05, 2009

Islam 'recognizes homosexuality - Indonesia's Moderate Muslim scholars

Abdul Khalik , The Jakarta Post , Jakarta | Fri, 03/28/2008 1:38 AM | Headlines


a kl citizen said...

jauhkanlah fitnah dari diriku, keluargaku , zuriatku dan seluruh umat Islam di dunia ini....


This is crap. There is only one Islam and these so called ‘scholars’ are nothing but a bunch of misguided and deviant losers. This is in the same mould as what the pagan Quraishs proposing were to the prophet saw at one time, paganism one year, Islam the next, i.e some kind of a rotation system. What a joke. Going by their rational, God also created Saytan and Iblis, so we should be buddy buddy with them?

Friends, do not be fooled by these so called ‘moderate Muslims scholars’, lets educate ourselves and our loved ones..

Note: Bro, have you research the article and the names mentioned?. Don’t know, sounds a little too ‘retarded’ to be genuine to me. Anyway, as precaution; I would recommend putting a caution remark at the top of the article to avoid less informed Muslims falling for it.


Dr Azwan said...

Thanks Mr Fudzail,

I would like to put this in my blog.

Dr Azwan

hida said...

Agree with Mr.Ard (ALL THAT WE SURVEY)'s comment. Especially the part where he mentioned,"Going by their rational, God also created Saytan and Iblis, so we should be buddy with them?"

It's true that Allah created them and there are cases like hermaphrodites(khuntsa)and Klinefelter's syndrome (true pondan - for simplicity in meaning. dont get me wrong n i'm sorry for the term). But then, it's important for their parents to guide these special children to become a 'straight' person later in life. Being a homosexual is something that is decided by the person him/herself - not something that is fixed (as in taqdir yg x boleh diubah e.g. ajal). So basically, what I want to say is, I do not agree that Islam recognizes homosexuality. With that, I rest my case.