Monday, May 11, 2009

How to make money from the new Cabinet Ministers?

I have noticed that Ahmad bin Maslan, the new deputy minister in PM department and United Malay National Organisation's head of information bureau has been given a lot of space and air time in the local main-stream media, which are all owned by United Malay National Organisation, Malaysia Chinese Association and their BN friends.

I am not sure how to make some good proposals to Ahmad to further enhance his shining star images to greater heights. There are a lot of improvements to be done to ensure his charisma can charm not only United Malay National Organisation members but other non-members as well.

By reading the below excerpt, I may have some ideas to make a fortune and I will not share with anybody....he he he.

The below piece from Citizen Nades

THE spin-doctors and "artistes" have started working and performing tricks. The movers and the shakers have established their grounds and the money is set to be rolling out soon.

Already, there are proposals on the desks of some ministers including a web-TV for "activities of the ministry". Another is a project to "enhance the image of the ministry in the eyes of the public". These two are within my knowledge. I do not know how many other "projects" or "proposals" that have been sent to the ministers since they took office about a month ago.

What is the message? Nothing has changed or will change until those entrusted with funds are bold enough to stand up and say: Enough is enough and there is no need to waste colossal sums of taxpayers’ money on syiok sendiri projects. But will they stand up to their bosses, who may or may not have some links with those who come with glossy proposals and the "benefits"?

Already, middlemen and purveyors of projects have arranged for "meetings" with the media, a way off showing their contacts, skills and talents they possess. But what the ministers must note is that the middlemen were selective in the choice of journalists and editors – it was restricted to (helpful) friends and acquaintances – not the people who write the "real" stuff. Don’t say that you were not forewarned when the s*** hits the fan!

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