Friday, May 15, 2009

Facebook's Holocaust Controversy

Just another attempt by the Israel lobby to further subjugate the U.S. and other democratic countries to their will and their will is that the taxpayers continue to subsidize Israel with money that should be going to third world countries that need it, and shut up. Why, if the fact of the holocaust are "proven beyond a doubt" should anyone be afraid of someone questioning them and, if we are not allowed to challenge the Israeli right-wing theocratic government about WW11 holocaust statistics, will be also be prohibited from discussing the holocaust that Israel is currently perpetrating on the Palestinians? Is that the next step?

Facebook is under fire for allowing Holocaust denial groups to remain on the site, claiming they don't violate the social network's terms of service

Facebook is under pressure to take a stand on groups that want to use its pages to air views that are at best controversial and at worst hateful.

A series of blogs brought the issue to light when they decried the proliferation of groups on Facebook that endorse the idea that the Holocaust didn't occur. "The Holocaust denial movement is nothing more than a pretext to allow the preaching of hatred against Jews and to recruit other like-minded individuals to do the same," Dallas attorney Brian Cuban wrote in a May 10 "Open Letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg."


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