Friday, May 01, 2009

Big boys toys, Italian Job & Benny Hill

There are a lot of billboards and banners around town on the 'Big boys toys.' A paper says a must see show in Abu Dhabi.

Men grow old, but do they always grow up? Probably no - not when it comes to their fascination for their beloved toys.

The Big Boys Toys Super Show is being staged specifically to cater to this somewhat life-long obsession with toys. According to the event's organisers, men never outgrow their love for their toys. In fact, as the show implies, often the only difference between men and boys is the nature of their toys.

Big Boys Toys offers an impressive array of toys that can easily excite a typical "man kid." From the world's fastest sports car to the latest in all-terrain and 4x4 vehicles, dune buggies, quad bikes, gaming, RCs, electronics, and other high-tech gizmos, Big Boys Toys has everything that can make men drool like kids again.

I hate to drive to Abu Dhabi (even though the highway is fantastic) and the entrance ticket is not cheap either. It is for big boys with lots of money to waste during this downturn. I am a big boy without toys.

After having dinner, while my mind was still on the big boys toys, I watched the Italian Job 1969 movie. I watched this movie first time while back in New Zealand, somewhere in south island.

As currently online with old NZ friends through Facebook, the big boys toys remind me of small boys toys during student days....I had none either.

By the way, one of the stars of Italian Job was Benny Hill. Watched too much of his antics in Benny Hill show and his 'big' toys especially the chasing scene at the end of every episode..he he he
The comic who was 'unPC' before it was ever fashionable, Benny Hill starred as Professor Peach, a lecherous computer genius with an unusual taste for "big" ladies, which became his series theme.
You can either love or hate this comic legend.

I love this Italian Job movie where
at the end of the film, with the back of their bullion-laden bus see-sawing over a sheer Alpine drop, Sir Michael Caine's character Charlie Croker announces: "Hang on a minute lads - I've got a great idea."

But nobody ever found out what it was and, crucially, whether it worked.

It was solved 40 years later, read here.

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majid said...

Rupernye The Italian Job versi 60an yek. Minat tgk versi 2003 dgn Mark Wahlberg & Charlize Theron. Semlm tak tgk sgt coz tukar2 channel hehehe But nak tgk jugak versi 60an nie if ade ler.