Monday, May 04, 2009

Banyak Kerja di Kilang Udang Terbesar Saudi Arabia

Siapa sangka Saudi Arabia ada kilang udang yang amat besar. Terletak 150 om ke tenggra Jeddah. Dengar kabarnya, pengarah sumber manusianya adalah seorang rakyat Malaysia!
NPC is the largest vertically integrated, desert coastal aquaculture project in the world. Built along the Red Sea coast, 150 km southeast of Jeddah, we boast to remain the largest in the country for a longtime to come. Owned and managed by Al-Rajhi Group, we have made substantial investments to attract, recruit, motivate, and retain the best professionals from around the globe. National Prawn Company is the flag carrier of staff from more than 20 nationalities, working with us to achieve our commitment to quality products at least cost.

We continuously search for the best people from around the world. Our infrastructure offers a very unique lifestyle with furnished accommodations for all layers of staff, 3 meals offered in first class cafeterias, in-house banking, medical, shopping, recreation, gymnasium, playgrounds, school, library, training centre, fuelling, and transportation facilities, etc.
At NPC, you will have the opportunities to advance your career by learning new skills on the job, have hands-on exposure to the latest technology available in the business and the most competitive compensation in the industry, leading to a satisfying and rewarding career.

We assure you that your association with NPC will be your best investment in your career, while we wish you best of luck!!

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th said...

nice opportunity.

tp how far can this be trusted?
prospectively and practically..?
i mean the company and its jobs.

btw,menarik jgk..

Pp said...

dear may want to contact the HR Director to get his views...on your questions...dengar2 khabarnya, dia memang menggalakkan pemohon2 dari malaysia.