Friday, April 10, 2009

Nazri Aziz - The Joker that Najib cannot do without

Here we are again, year 2009, a brand new administration with a fresh new cabinet.

Well, some recycled old faces are being reappointed even though the slogan has also been changed again to represent a rakyat cabinet of performance now, bulshit later with KPIs to be tagged along the way.

There is one man that the new PM cannot do without to take charge of law and parliament toilets. A joker that we need to cheer us up with his antics.

There are some famous quotes from the joker of parliament.

In a democracy, the minority cannot control the majority. The minority does not speak for the majority.

"If he continue to remain in the party, he would be like the opposition. It’s better for him to be a ‘jantan’ (man) and leave the party,” said Nazri in a heated 45-minute press conference.

Nazri also defended Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s influential and ambitious son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin (left), who is Umno Youth deputy chief.

“An 81-year-old man wants to quarrel with a 31-year-old young man. Better to pick someone his own size.”

Mohamed Nazri claimed that the presence of illegal immigrants in Sabah did not contribute to any social ills or disrupt the economy to the Sabahan people.

Malaysia’s law minister on Friday defended two ruling coalition legislators who were accused of being sexist for making a remark about a female opposition lawmaker’s menstrual cycle.

On Thursday, Parliament Speaker Ramli Ngah Talib also rejected an opposition motion for disciplinary action to be taken against the two legislators, Bung
Mokhtar Radin and Mohammed Said Yusof, from the ruling National Front coalition.

Law Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz told The Associated Press that such remarks were “part and parcel of parliamentary debate,” and women should not be
treated with more sensitivity than men.

“This is a debate. People play with words,” he said. “As long as there is no ill intention, we should allow for it. Otherwise parliament will be very boring.”


"I’d rather spend my time to do things that are constructive; that go down directly to the people who are really in need of the help of the government. Our bloggers are really not up to standard. When they put up something, it’s not something that they want to discuss in a very intellectual way. It’s more because of their anger - the language they use. Why should I read all this rubbish? When the standard of our bloggers is upgraded, then probably I will look at what is written. But anyway, they are a minority. My concern is for the majority."

He said the whole episode was a “comedy” because the decision by Sivakumar was “very ridiculous”.
“The Speaker took it upon himself to become judge and jury when he has no jurisdiction at all. This is really a joke and a mockery of the whole episode,” Nazri told a press conference at the Parliament building, here today.

"Because some of the states are controlled by the opposition, it would be tough to establish the councils as the opposition will be more into politicking the issue rather then working with us to overcome the problem," Nazri said in reply to a question from Senator Ahmad Hussin.

After weeks of verbal gymnastics and doublespeak, Minister in the Prime Minister Department Datuk Nazri Aziz succumbed to pressure and admitted the judges in the 1988 judicial crisis, headed by former Lord President Tun Salleh Abbas, were indeed sacked.

Nazri proclaimed that comparisons to Singapore were invalid because they just don't have enough opportunities for corruption, and hey, they're just an island, not a country!

About Malay rulers

"The leaders have warned the rulers many times about ethics and told them that they could not continue doing certain things. It is not necessary to talk further.

constitutional crisis power of sultan and king 060309 utusan malaysia dated 30111990 nazri azizWe have talked with the rulers many times before and it is now time for action." – Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz, Umno Youth deputy and senator in New Straits Times, Dec 29, 1992.

"If rulers interfere in politics and it is proven, we want the Parliament to declare the election is illegal and cancelled.

"In business, if rulers’ involvement is proven, we should assume the business is illegal." – Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz, Umno executive council member in Utusan Malaysia, Dec 3, 1990.

"I would like to ask, how insulted do you feel when the Sultan of Kelantan does not invite our menteri besar to give a speech on behalf of the people each time His Majesty celebrates his coronation day whereas the people had chosen the menteri besar through their rights." - Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz, Umno Youth exco in Utusan Malaysia, Nov, 30, 1990


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