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Job Seekers: Start Doing Things Differently

Do you love the job your in?
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SCOTTSDALE, AZ -- To be happier in your work life you need to start doing things differently. If you don't, you're practicing the definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. It might be worthwhile to start changing your attitude towards your job.

Instead of thinking, "Oh no" when the alarm goes off consider, "I'm going to make the best of this day". It's a small change, but it's a start! What else can you start doing? Look on the Internet for a new position or course to add to your skills. Start thinking about what you really enjoy doing and explore how you can turn that into paid work.

Maybe you can start clearing some of the circumstances in your life that keep you stuck: do the children really have to go to private school, do you need the latest model car? Keeping up with the Joneses is what keeps us suffering. When I was in a job I loathed, I always felt better when I started applying for other positions. It felt good to do something other than just moan about it.

Education can be the key to your success
Staff Writer, The Career News

NEW YORK, NY -- If you think that the only way to earn a degree is to spend gobs of money and traverse across a complicated college campus, taking anywhere from two to eight years to get your Associate's, Bachelor's or Master's or even doctorate degree...think again. With advances in technology, you can now get your degree online, from an accredited university in your spare time and from the comfort of your own home.

Jennifer Day, Chief of the Education and Social Stratification Branch at the U.S. Census Bureau says, "In 1999, average annual earnings ranged from $19,000 for high school dropouts, to $26,000 for high school graduates, and $45,000 for college graduates and $99,000 for the holders of professional degrees. That includes medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians and lawyers.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau the difference in lifetime earnings between a high school diploma and bachelor's degree is a million dollars. Add on a master's degree and you can expect to earn an additional half a million dollars in earnings. Those with professional degrees earn much more - about 4.4 million dollars during their working life. To learn more about available schools & programs, and instantly request complimentary course catalogs of the ones you like, go to Find-The-Right-School.

Recession leaves many in employment limbo
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ONTARIO, CA -- Patty Powers, went to work for weeks expecting to be laid off at any time. The morning after she lost her job, she expected to wake up with that feeling of dread you get when you realize that something bad has happened, like a death in the family. Instead, she felt relief. "I almost felt like a new opportunity had opened up for me," she said. "I really felt worse when I was waiting."

The economic recession has pushed many Americans into an employment limbo. They're still holding on to a job but worried that they might lose it any day. It can often take months for companies to complete a massive layoff, leading to a nerve-racking period in which workers are left to wonder whether they will be targeted. Of course, no one relishes the thought of the unemployment line, and the nation's soaring jobless rate has left many laid-off workers unable to find a new job at all, let alone one that is comparable to their old one.

Still, for some the most stressful part is the ambiguity of not knowing. The condition of uncertainty is sometimes worse than actually knowing that you're going to get laid off. The widespread fear of layoffs, combined with an absence of concrete information, also can have a deep impact on both morale and productivity, as workers find it hard to keep their minds on their jobs amid rumors about who could be next to get the pink slip.

Speeding up the job search process
Abridged: Bureau of Labor Statistics

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Job hunters who are only using traditional methods in their quest for a new job are often finding themselves frustrated due to the lack of positive response. Searching through traditional methods alone can take hundreds of hours and produce a small response. The biggest challenge with traditional job search methods is that only a fraction of the jobs available are advertised.

Almost every job hunter is chasing these limited number of advertised job openings at the same time as everyone else. All this becomes quite frustrating. The employer is overwhelmed with all of the responses and the job hunter is lost in the shuffle. People looking for jobs start to feel desperate, frustrated, and even hopeless. When job seekers reach this point, they are ready to simply give up while others will try anything that offers a glimmer of hope.

In hard times, finding a job can take months of time and effort. But you can speed up the process by using online search tools to save time and organize your efforts. It's recommended that you use multiple methods to find job opportunities that you are interested in. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest that people who use many job search methods find jobs faster than people who use only one or two.

Search online jobs from one place - and easily apply!
Staff Writer, The Career News

LOS ANGELES, CA -- With a new service called MyJobHunter, you can search all top career sites at once & apply to all matching jobs with one click. Just enter your search criteria, review the matching jobs and select the ones you want. Then, click a single button and you'll instantly apply to all selected jobs with your resume and cover letter (without having to log into each job site separately).

Click another button and you can automate the whole process! MyJobHunter can remember what you searched for, search for it again each day, and AUTOMATICALLY APPLY FOR YOU to new jobs matching your criteria. Review jobs in advance or put searching & applying on auto-pilot. The choice is yours.

You'll also get an application history report that makes follow-up a breeze! It shows the jobs you were applied to, full job descriptions, employer contact info, and application dates. You can even add personal notes to each job! This service is proven to reduce hours of job searching and resume submitting to just minutes. Simply upload your resume, enter your job search criteria and let MyJobHunter take it from there. For more information visit MyJobHunter.

Cover letter 'Rules of Engagement'
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NEW YORK, NY -- In a world where one-line text messages are routine forms of communication, is there still a place in the job search for the cover letter? According to, an online platform for the $100K+ job market, the cover letter is still a useful tool in differentiating yourself from other candidates applying for the same position. Here are a few tips for writing the perfect cover letter.

  1. Get Their Attention: A cover letter must grab a reader's attention with a succinct message that convinces them to read further.
  2. Less is More: A good cover letter is a teaser. It should clearly convey the "who," "what," "when," "where," "why" in the first paragraph.
  3. Prove Relevance: Mine the job posting and company website for the specific words and clues to what the employer is looking for and use those words in the cover letter.
In the current market, many job seekers are dealing with situations that are difficult to explain in a resume. The cover letter is where you can explain these situations. Always turn negatives into positives. Embrace cover letters as a way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Easily crank out a killer cover letter in 3.5 minutes flat
Staff Writer, The Career News

LOS ANGELES, CA -- A perfectly-written cover letter can be more important to your job search than your resume! What most people don't realize is that a cover letter is really a sales letter. It's your personal advertisement, your first impression, your grand introduction. Additionally a brilliantly worded cover letter is the easiest way to assure your resume is the one that actually gets read. The best part is, practically no one understands this fact. So having a great cover letter is almost like having an unfair advantage.

As a matter of fact, the vast majority of your competition simply "throws" together any old cover letter just so they have something to attach to their average resume. As a result, most cover letters do nothing to land the job interview. In fact, hiring managers often make a decision to interview from a well written cover letter alone -- before even reading a resume.

Wouldn't you love to have a cover letter written with the flair of an advertising executive? If so, we recommend a simple program that helps you quickly and easily crank out a killer cover letter that is guaranteed-to keep your phone ringing. With a click-of-a-button, fill in the blanks and in just 3.5 minutes out pops a brilliantly worded and perfectly crafted cover letter - 100% customized for you. Why not get your phone ringing with job interviews and employment offers - without writing one word, just go to Amazing-Cover-Letters.

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