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We Built This City (Dubai) Too

Some reports can create confusion, depression and panic. Some reports reflect the state of denial of the establishment.
You read the report below and those comments from the readers....

Nonsence is what you are saying!!!!

I am one of thousands who lost their job in Dubai and had to pack and leave by end of the month. The ONLY way out with my family (Thank God it was Dec. where I was able to enroll them in second term in school back home), was to pack up and leave everything behind us....and when we got at the airport with my car....I could NOT find a spot to park my car as there was hundreds and hundreds of cars abandond you can easily see the amount of dust one them!!!!.....
What Jelousy are we talking about??? Yes Dubai was able to reach the top in very short time....and it is now falling nose down they say easy come easy go!....
Sorry to say but Dubai now is turning into a Ghost city by everyone who's still living there.....
Sorry but what you are saying is complete rubbish and nonsence!

DNRD chief rubbishes visa cancellation rumours

THE TRUTH: Major General Mohammed Al-Marri has dismissed rumours of mass visa cancellations. (ITP Images)

The boss of the Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department (DNRD) has described as “nonsense” claims of mass visa cancellations and thousands of cars being abandoned at Dubai Airport.

In an exclusive interview with Arabian Business magazine to be published on Sunday, Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al-Marri said that other countries were “jealous” of the success of the emirate.

“When you are successful, people never focus on your success. That is human nature. They look for the mistakes and try and find problems.

"Everyone in the world wants to know how Dubai has become so pretty, so they can copy our ideas. But it is not easy to copy, and this is the problem. So they become jealous and they write what is complete nonsense,” he added.

Posted by pras, Dubai, UAE on Saturday 14 March 2009 at 15:24 UAE time

I would be convincing if statements are substantiated with facts and figures.
Recommended positive action
Posted by PHD, Abu Dhabi, UAE on Saturday 14 March 2009 at 14:27 UAE time

For all those genuine people who were unfortunate to lose their jobs, and have worked here for years, it would be nice if the Government could come up with an "elective-visa" where the person elects to stay for up to six months, to find work. Under this "elective-visa" they can hand their passports in, and banks must negotiate some smaller affordable payments in good faith, with no court or police action. In this way, as the economy improves, those that have worked here loyally, and are highly trained, are in position for faster economic growth of UAE, the country we are accustomed to calling our home. Also, the banks and the people do not lose out and the country receives positive publicity.
To Human Nature - Malek Tabech.
Posted by Lifeguard on Saturday 14 March 2009 at 14:09 UAE time

I lived the best years of my life in Dubai...and would have loved to live there for as long as I could. Yes we made good money but we gave also alot to Dubai....we did not make money for free!....we earned our money with our exeprience and qualification which we got paid for!....we all built Dubai...every single one of us had an input to where Dubai is NOW!.....and we are all proud of Dubai No doubt about that.....the amazing infrastructure, the services, the planing and building the future!..... But we DID NOT leave the country (Dubai) at our own will.....we were made redundant!....sorry you have to go....bad recession! what are we suppose to do with the stupid Visa laws!.....stay illegal in Dubai?....who will pay our rediculouse expencive rent!.....who will pay the kids school? .....
We all came out of Dubai either bankrupt and owe alot of money to the bank(s) or there are those who realy made good money from undertable deals!
Please for once Face the problem with courage...and admit you have a you can see it and fix it....and regain the trust of people who you lost now.....
Posted by Adam, Dubai, UAE on Saturday 14 March 2009 at 13:39 UAE time

The problem with these kinds of articles from very senior people in the government is that because they do not back up their comments with official data, people will only naturally assume the worst. Since Dubai used to very quickly release official data for positive news they seem to have fired the statistics employee when he bought the negative news. Regarding this article this senior employee is only contradicting the official figure from Dubai Police, who recovered the dumped financed cars from Dubai airport; this does not send a good message to the residents of Dubai. It would make more sense to take our heads out of the sand, publish the official data i.e. how many visa cancellations, broken down by industry, how many new visa’s and then the private and public sectors can work together to plan and implement a workable strategy to take Dubai from good to great, without accurate official data everyone is blind……..

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