Friday, March 20, 2009

TG Hadi in Dubai on TG Nik Aziz's remark on unity government

Some of us in Dubai had the opportunity to listen to TG Haji Hadi Awang on the proposed unity government. After TG Hadi had solemnised the marriage of two Malaysian expats in Dubai.

I was busy outside and only attended his talk briefly, before dozing off on the sofa due to exhaustion. Busy day from subuh prayer.

I heard that was one question on the TG Nik Aziz's objection and TG Hadi replied that TG Nik Aziz was misquoted by the media. TG Nik Aziz was againts PAS to join BN, not unity government and TG Hadi reitrated that he himself was againts joining BN.

The unity government idea came from TH Hadi as one of the available options in strengtening the nation during the current turmoil. I can see his rational as I am also fed up with the incessant politicking and chess game that is not beneficial to the rakyat, just for some leaders' egos.

Reading the below report from Malaysiakini, I am wondering on the conflicting statements. However, I have good faith in both Tuan Gurus as they are better leaders than most United Malay National Organisation's politicians (not necessarily leaders..)

Nik Aziz tells Hadi: I'm still captain
Mar 20, 09 6:44pm
PAS has been sailing in troubled waters of late and this has prompted its spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat to remind the party president Abdul Hadi Awang that he is still captain of the ship.

kuala terengganu by election pakatan ceramah perdana 060109 nik azizIn view of this, the Kelantan menteri besar called on his 'first mate' to consult him before making any decision on forming a unity government with Barisan Nasional.

Nik Aziz said he did not want "too many captains in one ship" and conflicting statements to be made as this could cause confusion among PAS members and affect the party's credibility.

He also reiterated his stand that he was against the idea (unity government) which received the endorsement of the top PAS leadership at its muktamar (general assembly) in Ipoh last year, but was open to discussion with Hadi on the matter.

"I as the mursyidul am (spiritual advisor) is like the captain, if the anchor man wants to see me for something I cannot refuse... if the oarsman wants to see me, I must also entertain him," he was quoted as saying by Bernama.

"If Hadi wants to see me about it, I would be more than willing to meet him," he said.

Nik Aziz was asked if he was willing to meet party leaders who are for the unity government to discuss the issue.

Ibrahim Ali backs Hadi

Meanwhile, Pasir MAS MP Ibrahim Ali said he backed Hadi's call for a unity government, saying it was needed as the Malays had become increasingly disunited.

hadi awang interview 040208 smile"I see Hadi (left) also gives a lot of attention to Muslim unity... it (unity government) is in the interest of race, religion and country," he told reporters.

He added that PAS leaders should convince Nik Aziz that the unity government was the best option for the Malays in the present circumstances.

On another matter, he said the Bar Council had ulterior motives in calling for the abolishment of the Sedition Act.

"The laws are made by Parliament and it is not for the Bar Council to question their legality," he said.

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rascal r us said...


It sounds to me that the two "TG's"are at it again, one trying to out shine the other one. Who can be more PAS-er than PAS. A unity governemnt would be a welcomed change from the continued disunities seen in the Malay community.