Tuesday, March 10, 2009

RM60 billion Stimulus Package : If I were the Finance Minister

Let's start with the deal of the century some time ago:-
The Malaysian ministry of defense paid one billion euros (RM 4.5 billion) to Amaris for the three submarines, for which Perimekar received a commission of 114 million euros (RM 510 million) from Amaris. Deputy Defense Minister Zainal Abdidin Zin told the Dewan Rakyat, Malaysia’s parliament, that the commission was not a bribe to Perimekar. He said the money was paid for “coordination and support services” although the fee amounted to a whopping 11 percent of the sales price for the submarines.
The minister of defense then was now the minister of finance who is also deputy prime minister of Malaysia.....there was another Sukhoi deal amounted to worth US$900 million (RM3.2 billion), which was through a Russian state company, Federal State Unitary Enterprise 'Rosoboronexport' on May 19, 2003.
IMT Defence Sdn. Bhd. was appointed the local agent for the Russian company and received 12 percent of the purchase price, US$108 million (RM380 million). The principal figure and chairman of IMT Defence is Mohamad Adib Adam, the former chief minister of Malacca, previous Land and Development Minister and a long-time UMNO stalwart.

This Adib Adam is now, as informed by a friend, Adnan Kashorgi as arm dealer in the nusantara!

Combined commissions for the two deals worth whopping RM890 million! About 1 billion (as per current exchange rate) has gone into certain people's pockets for nothing more than pleasure.

No wonder Najib can buy anyone (including Sultan) to achieve big mama's dream of becoming PM. He robbed the Perak state government through backdoor and claimed no money was involved. Do not forget Altantuya's court case, even the defence team jumped to stop any mention of Najib's name or alleged involvement in the murder.

If all the university students were given free education from the money funded these deals plus commissions (we can name Yayasan Big Mama), we can have a developed status nation by end of this decade!

That fund is from only two deals...what about other numerous ministries' corruptions and similar commission deals, not to mention United Malay National Organisation money politics. Yes, we are rich country indeed but only for handful robbers and thieves. Estimated RM300 billion wasted through leakages.

Petronas profits over the years and payment to government are about RM500 billion since 1974!

Today, as we all know, the finance minister has announced that he would spend RM60 billion of our money for the next two years....if I were him, I would print more ringgits and give RM1 million each to all Malaysian citizens who are not millionaires, he he duit daun pisang.

By tomorrow, we could have a bolehland of millionaires!

And I would be a banana king!


Najib Altantunya said...

najib..plundering rakyat"s money wont make u the richest man but the most miserable man on earth.

wait till god "reward" you !!!

Pentilium5 said...

i felt really joyous and and thank the Almighty for the GLCs under the stimulus budget will create 10 (not 2 or 3 but 10) non-profit private schools for the sole purpose of uplifting the Malaysian race and the perpetuation of the supremacy of the Malay(sian)....

rewang said...

Well, you can't touch the Sukhoi deal bro. We paid a trip to a Datuk Angkasawan remember?