Saturday, March 07, 2009

KJ The Opportunist.

One of the new politicians who either hate of love him, KJ, has made into UMNO's new generation of (corrupt) leaders...of course, if he is not the son-in-law of the Pak Lah, he would not be able to fly high.

KJ says he is not an opportunist, that's BULL. In politics, politicians are always opportunists. Especially when you are KJ....the shadow of UMNO's politics in action.

Some excerpts from the Malaysiakini's interview.

But there is also doubt over your (talk of) reforms. Some people think that you're a bit of an opportunist...

I don't think it's being opportunistic. I think after the political shock, you'll realise certain things. You'll realise that maybe what you did before was not entirely what the people wanted. There's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with realising through experience that you need to change.

If Khairy Jamaluddin fails to win Umno Youth chief, what would that mean to you? What would that mean to Umno, given that you're trying to champion reforms within Umno?

If I don't win? It's the end of the universe and the whole world would crumble... [grins] No, of course not. Well, there are many ways to serve, you can serve with position or without, it's not the end of the world.

mukhriz mahathir khir toyo khairy jamaluddin hujah dialogue 180209 03I hope that I'm not the only one that wants to bring reforms. Everyone wants reforms, and everyone is talking about reforms. But you have to ask what sort of reforms you are talking about. I think it was clear at the TV show (last month's Umno Youth debate), everyone wants reforms. (But) the other two (candidates) want a hardline approach.

My view is that's the wrong way to go. I think we have to move to the centre, and we have to reclaim the agenda from 2004. The reason we were punished at the election, (is) not because we didn't jail protesters under the ISA, not because we are less Islamic or less Malay-centric. It's because we lost our way, we didn't reform fast enough.

Would (outgoing Umno Youth chief) Hishammuddin Hussein be a tough act to follow?

hishammuddin hussien and umno bn youth pwtc support sultan rule 200209Every leader have his own time and own style. I don't think you should benchmark the next leader against Hisham or any other leader. Hisham inherited Umno Youth in a very trying circumstances in 1999 and he built it back up till what is it today and I think he deserve a lot for that and I don't want compare what's about to happen and what he had to go through. It's very difficult.

There is a question from our Parliament team - they say, although you are sitting next to Jerlun MP Mukhriz Mahathir, you don't talk to him. Why is that?

What's there to talk about? You know he wants to jail all the protesters under the ISA and what do I have in common with that?


IPOHKIA said...

KJ would not be there if Pak Lah wasn't his Father In Law, is he an opportunist, yes he is more than 100% an opportunist. He will not survive with Pak Lah, if you see him in some protest and demostrations, he is worse than a Babarian, like someone from Afghanistan or tribes from Taliban, how to lead, so what if he is a graduate from Oxford or Stanford, makes no difference. Godd in academics doesn't me he can lead in UMNO / BN, for that matter probably will bring disaster to UMNO and than the country. He can stop talking about reforms, he is still playing guli, talking about reforms in BN / UMNO, they are talking about MINDLESS REFORMS, end result is getting the royals mornachy for shelter, MACC abusing their power, Judiciary system is dead, killing democracy see police killing suspect rakyat and so on. So KJ forget about the MINDLESS REFORMS that UMNO / BN is talking about.
Fight to the last Pakatan Rakyat.

nasser said...

let's ignore these umno goons... they are heading to the museum soon..