Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A guide to wasting time at work

There is a new organisational structure in my company after series of retrenchment. I have a new designation and set of responsibilities. New immediate boss (he is a Malaysian born professional with 25 years of living in the UAE) and a brand new office. It is my fifth designation in the same company (different subsidiaries) and my 8th office relocation since 2002. That could be my lucky number.

Change is always welcome. I love new challenges and environments. Alhamdulillah, for the rezeki and am still being employed during the current downturn, i.e is a bonus (mana ada terms of monatery lah). As recent as yesterday, retrenchment exercise is still on going.

I am looking forward for my new role in design and development (utility & infrastructure). It is beyond my wildest expectation, with basic IT background to morph and expand into civil/ mechanical/ water / electrical engineering fields.

I have involved in town planning, design utility networks, design review, constructions of bridges, roads, utility networks, villas, buildings, two major shopping complexes, smart city, as well as IT & Telecom project management since I landed in Dubai. Not to mention satellite communication, teleport, 24-hours business centre, business strategy and corporate planning.

And of course my two years stint with Yusuf Islam, from managing his business ventures, house, dakwah activities, TV/radio programmes, live shows, press conferences, education and charity works to close personal friendship.

These out-of-the-world experiences would not happen if I was not sacked 24 hours a decade ago. Rezeki dari Allah. That's the blessing. Be positive about life.

The office is buzzing with more gossips while putting our stationery, files, CDs etc into those boxes.

Well...something to ponder from another blog.

According to a survey, employees admit to “wasting” approximately 2.09 hours of each work day. How do they waste the time? Surfing the Net, chatting with co-workers, making personal phone calls, and running personal errands.

Here’s how the time wasting break down:

  1. Surfing the Internet — 44.7 percent
  2. Socializing with co-workers — 23.4 percent
  3. Conducting personal business — 6.8 percent [Bowers' note: I'm not sure if this means calling your hairstylist to schedule an appointment or running a dry-cleaning business out of your cube.]
  4. Spacing out — 3.9 percent [Bowers' note: How, exactly, would you measure that?]
  5. Running errands off-premise — 3.1 percent
  6. Making personal phone calls — 2.3 percent
  7. Applying for other jobs — 1.3 percent
  8. Planning personal events — 1.0 percent
  9. Arriving late/leaving early — 1.0 percent
  10. Other — 12.5 percent [Bowers' note: Other? What's left, dare I ask?]

Also according to the survey, the way in which time is wasted also varies by age:

  • 58-77 years old: 0.50 hours per day
  • 48-57 years old: 0.68 hours per day
  • 38-47 years old: 1.19 hours per day
  • 28-37 years old: 1.61 hours per day
  • 22-27 years old: 1.95 hours per day

(Wonder how much time is “wasted” in meetings or poor communication between departments?) Do you think these numbers are about right? How do you “waste” time?

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