Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Corruptions in different values and status

The big news today is on The Umno disciplinary board has found Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam guilty of breaking the party Code of Ethics and barred him from contesting the deputy president's post in the upcoming party polls.

I am still confused on the different punishments meted out on those guilty politicians. Just bar all of them from contesting or suspend them for basic offence - corruptions!

Rithaudeen said, "The punishment must fit the crime. There was a clear, strong link between Ali and his agents, but the link was not as strong between Khairy and his agents. Also, the circumstances of Khairy's and Ali's agents were different."

He gave the illustration of buying delegates a meal versus giving cash for votes. Both are election offences, but are not to be considered equal in nature.

For me corruptions in whatever means and ways are still the same.....those politicians have no moral values to be leaders. If we practice hudud, these robbers and bribers will lose all their hands.

I agree with PKR Supremo as these punishments are selective prosecutions and business as usual in both United Malay National Organisation and the government of Malaysia!

It’s business as usual

The PKR supremo speculated that his apparently inadvertent meeting last week in Hulu Langat with outgoing prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at an Islamic leader’s Maulud Nabi luncheon had provided the motive for the suspensions meted out by Umno’s disciplinary committee.

najib on kuala terengganu by election 060109 02“The Najib camp has moved to forestall things more from the fear they felt over my encounter with Abdullah and what that may imply for the upcoming transition than from a desire to cleanse Umno of the scourge of money politics,” he asserted.

“It will be business as usual for those not targeted by selective prosecution,” said Anwar caustically.

“Najib is turning the party into a microcosm of the country where a band of untouchables can flout the rules with impunity while the rest can and may be made targets as and when the powers-that-be want to make an example of whatever it is they want to clamp down at a given moment,” claimed Anwar.

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