Tuesday, February 17, 2009

YB Elizabeth Wong's Nude Photos Exposed

Hunt for Wong culprit
By Yushaimi Yahaya and Frankie D'Cruz February 17, 2009 Categories: News

Nude photographs of Selangor legislator Elizabeth Wong were handed over to the Petaling Jaya police last night by the Malay Mail.
A Bukit Aman task force, assigned to probe the case, is expected to interview several people, including a Parti Keadilan Rakyat member in his 30s said to be Wong’s former boyfriend, to identify the perpetrators behind the recording of the images.

The boyfriend, a former PKR divisional secretary and now an ordinary member, is a personal assistant to a PKR Member of Parliament.
Wong, 37, who is also Bukit Lanjan assemblyman and State executive councillor for tourism, consumer affairs and environment, told Malay Mail during a meeting last Friday that she had broken up with her boyfriend.

Malay Mail editors, who had alerted Wong to the pictures at the same meeting, handed over two images to senior police officers, who later recorded a brief statement from them last night.
One was a picture of her sleeping on the sofa of her Bukit Gasing home, and the other, with her private parts exposed. Police were also informed that Wong had confirmed that the pictures were taken in her home.

Wong had confirmed to Malay Mail at last Friday's meeting that the pictures were that of her but maintained that the identity of the photographer was a mystery. Police sources said the probe, to ascertain who had taken the pictures which Wong had claimed were taken without her consent, is expected to also cover a report published in theSun yesterday.

The newspaper had front-paged a report on the existence of “at least 10 other” photographs and video clips of a State assemblywoman. It reported that it had sighted two photographs and “at least 10 other pictures that have fallen into thehands of unscrupulous people who are attempting to use it for political purposes”.

theSun had said that the two photos it sighted showed a PKR State assemblywoman “asleep on a couch, her clothes ruffled and tousled, exposing intimate areas”.
Malay Mail also had a report yesterday on nude photographs of Wong being in public domain. In our report, we had stated that it was not known if the photos were widely available.
Wong, who issued a media statement yesterday after making a police report in Damansara the night before, is scheduled to give her full statement to the police this afternoon.

The Selangor State Exco is expected to meet this morning to discuss the matter.
Leaders of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition met last night to discuss the issue which has sparked a public debate, with Barisan Nasional and PR leaders as well as the public having mixed views.


FunTooSurf (Main Blog) said...

Yes hunt that culprit..Please hand over that culprit to me Atok will kunfu that idiot



... and we call this Malaysian politics...

AnakMelaka said...

YM Sultan Selangor should come out and support the YB Eli by rejecting her resignation.

rascal r us said...

I am fascinated to hear all the fuss on Sex lies and video/ photo of Eli Wong. Infact our newspaper looks more exciting today than some of the other foreign newspapers such as New of the World or the Sun. Some would like to potray Eli as a vicitmised single woman who's private pix were taken and distributed over the net by an ex boyfriend who has since kept those pix as some sort of a sick trophy and now leaked for all the world to examine. Now she is pressured to resign and she has done the honourable and the only thing possible which is to submit her resignations. Her resignation is wholly justifiable and is a step in the right direction NOT because she posed for those shots or perhaps not knowingly snapped by another party. It is the right decision because of the lifestyle she may have lead, being single and having intimate realtionship with a live-in partner that is objectionable to many. Ok perhaps one might argue tht she is not a muslim and could do whatever she likes with her private life. However even other religions frowns upon unmarried live-in relationship. Once you are an elected official you are an example to all especially to the youngsters and you are "technically" married to the public and every move you make will be scrutinised with a scanning electron microscope Again Big Brother Anwar has stepped in to "save" his "damsel in distress" ... Asking her to take a long leave... and for what? It shows yet again he is playing politics with the people's sentiments. He has no backbone and his principles are like that of a Doha's Sandstorm At least the Be End were consistent in getting their members to resign as recently as Soi Lek debacle and as long as I can remember in the Vijandran case in 1990's I agree with Dato Dr Hassan Ali's comments that there should be an investigation before any official reaction taken by the PR, not for the photo but for the MORALITY of the whole scenario. Therefore why the double standard Pakatan? This yet again shows that the PR are not yet ready to govern as it has no cohesion between its member components as well as serious in-fighting amongst its components my 2 sen

Dick Savage said...

This is a criminal invasion of personal privacy, which shows how pitifully backward some elements of Malaysian society still are. The photographer, and the newspaper editor who published the photos, are perverts who should should be punished. They are the scum of the earth. Ms. Wong should absolutely REFUSE to resign, from ANYTHING, under any circumstances! She should prove that such dirty tricks, such BASTARDS, won't be tolerated.

adil_la_wati said...

Dont blame anybody when in frist place she was at fault too. She should know in he position as a Y.B. alot of things can be done by other people to smear her dignity. She should be more careful and aware of all the dirty tricks that could be done by anyone out there including her closest friend. She should know best that in politics everything is dirty!!!! Please don't blame others!

Eric said...


Please shut-up, you make me want me to puke hearing your reasoning.

Yes, we need to be careful, but she said she was asleep.

Always, rubbing salt to an already open wound, doesn't help one bit. Shut-up please! Spare us your holier-then-thou comment.

Eric said...


Please shut-up, you make me want me to puke hearing your reasoning.

Yes, we need to be careful, but she said she was asleep.

Always, rubbing salt to an already open wound, doesn't help one bit. Shut-up please! Spare us your holier-then-thou comment.

DrM said...

Online Petition - *REJECT* YB Elizabeth Wong's Resignation As ADUN of Bukit Lanjan and Selangor EXCO


Let's do our small part ... email this link to *ALL* our contacts and urge them to "pen" their signature to support Eli ... to convey a *STRONG* message to Menteri Besar Selangor and Sultan of Selangor that we, the rakyat ... want the resignation of YB Eli to be *REJECTED*. She stays as ADUN and Selangor EXCO!


Stroke King said...

... she is a politician thats why it became a big issue,