Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When FAKE news can be considered REAL news

I have been watching Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show. It’s humorous indeed as we can bear with the fake news. Enough of real news which will always be distorted, spun and doctored, full of lies, propagandas, disinformation, misinformation and deceits especially in Malaysia’s mainstream media (which is coincidentally either owned by United Malays National Organisation or its cohorts)

Generally, rumours can also be considered real stories (esp. in Malaysia as well as here..)

It's not "real news" and Jon Stewart has said time and time again that his job is to make people laugh. There's no effort to keep out bias. Facts are skewed. It's all just there for the laugh.
The fact that it's better than the "real" news programs is tragic. We read Malaysian mainstream media on all political and economic issues, we are always duped to believe but they cannot lie to all people at all the time.

Then again even in the most fair reporting, we may say that being completely neutral reporting is wrong. Reporters are also humans, and have their biases that shade their perception of things depending on their backgrounds, beliefs and perspectives.

It is always a good practice if we want something resembling a neutral viewpoint, we must get our news from multiple sources where we know what bias they might have. It's been this way for a long time. Thanks to Internet for bountiful sources we can choose and ignore.
And yet, journalistic integrity requires that reporters do their utmost to remain unbiased in their reporting of facts at all time. They are people; they make mistakes as well as have their own agendas. But that does not free them of this obligation.

The sad truth is that reporters in Malaysia’s mainstream media have not for decades even attempted to maintain this integrity under the freedom of speech and freedom to lie.
Hence mass objections to the mainstream media and preference to mushrooming alternative media.

That’s why the government has been confiscating opposition parties’ newspapers as the corrupt leaders can no longer believe their own spins will work. So-called real news by this propaganda machinery is always FAKE.

While so-called fake news in Harakah or Suara Keadilan or Malaysiakini or Malaysia-Today and thousands of blogs in the cybersapce, deemed so by the authorities (who are all members of certain political parties) can be considered REAL news!

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