Wednesday, February 18, 2009

UAE Jobs - Emiratis vs Expats

It is something not unexpected. During the current downturn, job losses have affected almost, yes, almost everyone in the UAE. The Emiratis or local Arabs are not spared with the recent retrenchment of 20 Emiratis from a local giant company, Al Futtaim.

There is a report on unemployment rate among Gulf nationals is likely to rise this year as the economic downturn limits job creation in the private and public sectors.

With the rising number of new entrants to the region’s labour force, reflecting the youthful profile of the population, evidently the greatest responsibility for providing new job opportunities rests with the private sector..
According to data compiled, nationals working in the public sector in the GCC accounted for almost 58 percent of all nationals employed in 2007.

Redundant Emiratis plan to sue former employer

A group of 20 Emiratis who were made redundant are considering filing a lawsuit for compensation against their former employer, if the Ministry of Labour fails to resolve the issue, it was reported on Wednesday.
Last week the group filed a complaint against their former employers, the Al Futtaim Group, with the ministry for "arbitrary termination" over their dismissal.

The Al Futtaim Group said it had made the 20 Emiratis redundant due "to the restructuring of the company in the light of the current global financial crisis".

The unemployed group has now revealed that it is in talks with lawyers over claiming compensation, according to UAE daily Gulf News.

Ahmad Al Naqbi, one of the Emiratis, who lost his job said: "We will file a case to demand compensation for the arbitrary termination, in addition to compensation for moral and psychological damages, but we will wait until the ministry gives us a formal response to our case before we go ahead with the case," said Al Naqbi.

The case prompted Dubai's police chief to threaten to boycott private companies that made nationals redundant - using the global economic crisis as an excuse.

It also coincided with news that the National Human Resource Development and Employment Authority (Tanmia) had drawn up draft laws banning private companies from terminating the employment contracts of local workers.

The Ministry of Labour is currently considering the proposals that state any company proposing to make Emiratis redundant would have to get the decision signed off by the ministry first.

Such a move would only be sanctioned if the company could prove it had made all possible efforts to keep the national in a job, accoridng to the draft proposals .

There is one interesting comment from an Emirate on the issue, more comments here:

I am a local and i love my country. For all the other emiraties i would like to say is that if majority of the people are arguing about something then there must be a shred of truth somewhere. I as a young child studied abroad and worked on my own and have learnt alot from the people and the place.
I would have to agree with most expats that they are grateful but on the other hand i also agree that most of our people are complaining because most of us have an ego issue. I believe if one person can do a job then so can we. We should prove ourselves to others then we can gain their respect.
The sad part of most of our mentality is that we believe we are better which really shouldnt be the case. Work hard and work with everyone side by side and see how people start respecting you and enjoy your work and company!
Lastly we shouldnt make such a big racket about anything unless we know for sure thats the right thing. If we are being hired then we can also be fired. If it was done the wrong way then you can say it out loud but please dont bend the system people will not appreciate it. Change is always good!

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