Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Tails of Two Perak MBs - Malaysiakini

I do not know anyone of them personally. From afar and by reading those articles/blogs/reports/news splashed all over cyberspace as well as comments form Tom Dick and Harry, I may say that they have different personalities.

I have a biased embedded perception that any United Malays National Organisation’s leaders must be corrupt, robbers and cheaters. Otherwise, these politicians would not go far and higher. Mahathir believes so and I agree with him. Money talks and walks between their legs in United Malays National Organisation.

We can differentiate the two current MBs from their tails. Those supporters, loyal followers and cronies that surround and tail them.

The opposing supporters declared the other MB as a penderhaka. Another MB was sworn in hurriedly and his government’s legitimacy is questionable but who cares, as long as under the banner of United Malays National Organisation, everything is HALAL, except makan babi.

By the way, a common similarity between the two is both of them are not pure Malay. That’s bangsa Malaysia for you.

One with Chinese blood. Another one looks like an Indian. I have no problem with this issue as I also a Melayu campur. The fact is, who says non-Malay cannot be a Perak MB?

I rest my case.


JS Cookbook said...

Ok what, Bangsa Malaysia. Apa salahnya?

Really, who can claim themselves to be pure blood Malay or Chinese or Indian today in Malaysia? Even among the Chinese, there are many who is of keturunan Nyonya, meaning while they have been marrying Chinese for a number of generations, there is at least some generations back when they married Malay or Bumiputra. Which means, actually, quite a number of Chinese do have some Malay blood, however little. Datuk Seri Wan Azizah is Chinese, Tunku Abdul Rahman's wife is Chinese, his only son is half-Chinese, Musa Hitam is half Chinese and wily Tun Dr M is quarter Indian. And you will find a number of people with Chinese names but have Indian skin color because their mum is Indian.

I think it's pretty amusing. In the end, these people who claim about their purity of race, they probably have mixed race blood somewhere along back of their ancestor lines.

UDE KENANG said...

Who cares what you are, A Malay, a Chinese or an Indian. To Allah, your iman is purely concerned. That's why Tuan Guru Nik Aziz maintains Ketuanan Islam not Ketuanan Melayu. Why is the latter is useless, BECAUSE MALAYS ARE THE MELAUN ! They themselves KILL MALAYS.... And for those Non-Muslims, Islam stresses on rights of his neighbours, be Muslim or not. Non-Muslims will never be opressed under Muslim as Allah forbids it...