Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pak Lah TRAPPED..It's an OMEN

Once, Pak Lah mentioned about Malaysia was famous for "First class infrastructure and third class maintenance."
It is true for years to come...and a month before he leaves the office, Pak Lah has actually a victim of our third class maintenance practice and culture prevailing in our nation.

Elevator blues for Pak Lah
Feb 12, 09 4:42pm
The often busy schedule of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi hit an unexpected snag this morning when he ended up being trapped in an elevator.

Abdullah was stuck in the elevator for about 30 minutes at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre as rescue personnel scrambled to free him.
However, the premier was not left stranded alone.

He had Malacca Governor Khalil Yaakob and Public Service Department (PSD) director-general Ismail Adam for company.

The incident prompted Abdullah to cancel a highly anticipated press conference which was supposed to be held after he officiated the 75th diamond jubilee of the PSD. The unforseen hiccup had also delayed the event.

Abdullah appeared calm
According to a source, the function was supposed to start at 10.30am but was delayed till 11am. The source said several Fire and Rescue Services Department personnel were immediately despatched to the scene and they succeeded in freeing the VIP trio.

"Abdullah did not look upset or traumatised by the incident. He appeared calm and even smiled at the crowd who were waiting outside the lift."
But when he delivered his speech later, the prime minister was coughing profusely," added the source.

Meanwhile, it is also learnt that an aide of the prime minister had asked media representatives who were present not to report or snap photographs of the incident. The source said the PSD director-general, in his speech later, apologised to Abdullah over the elevator debacle.


telur dua said...

Criminal suspects die in Police custody. So, what is the big deal being trapped in an elevator for 30minutes? Nobody died.

Maybe it a a warning from Allah.

fairplay500 said...

Badawi probably was asleep while being trapped.

abikhsan said...

Bagus juga trapped. Boleh dia tidur for 30 mins.