Monday, February 16, 2009

Nude photos of YB Elizabeth Wong - Invasion of privacy Malaysiakini

Invasion of privacy
By Frankie D'Cruz and Yushaimi Yahaya February 16, 2009 Categories: News

WONG: Human rights activist since her student days
Nude photographs of Selangor State executive councillor Elizabeth Wong have emerged on public domain — and she is furious over the intrusion of her privacy.

The photos, believed to have been taken with a camera phone, show the 37-year-old Bukit Lanjan assemblyman in various positions in the bedroom of her Bukit Gasing home in Petaling Jaya.

The first-term Parti Keadilan Raykat legislator was apparently unaware that the photographs were being taken as she appeared to be asleep.

Malay Mail was alerted to the photographs and their veracity was confirmed by Wong as the pictures were taken in her bedroom.

It is understood that a video clip could have also been produced. The identity of the photographer remains a mystery.

When shown the photographs, Wong expressed shock and said it was an invasion of her privacy. She said she was unaware that the photos were being taken and “I was probably asleep”.

It is not known if the photos are widely available publicly. How it spilled on public domain is also not clear.

On-the-go Wong’s win in the last general election had propelled her from a “nobody” social activist to a government “big shot”.

She was made exco member in charge of tourism, consumer affairs and environment matters.

She had been involved in human rights since her student days in Sydney and subsequently during her work in Nepal.

She is also a political consultant and has been involved in the setting up of the Asean Inter-Parliamentary Myanmar Caucus for Democracy and the Solidarity Campaign for Human Rights in Aceh.

During her university days, she was involved with several extreme environmentalist groups.

Once she even paddled in the sea against the currents to protest against a shipment of unecologically harvested lumber from entering Australia.

Those hippie activities have stopped. But her opponents today are bigger, stronger and more insidious than a ship or rough waters.

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