Monday, February 16, 2009

Nude Photos of YB Elizabeth Wong - Valentine day Special that went wrong – Malaysiakini.

There is something cloudy in the air today, the Agong has just opened the second session of the 12th Parliament. Perak haram government into another week on uncertainty and rumours about pending BN’s takeover in Selangor dan Kedah been circulating.

RPK just wrote his Probably last message to Malaysians as he may be holidaying again under ISA scheme for good.
Then came the bombshell that could turn another wave of second economic stimulus. Najib may have something to do with the explosion, it is not C4 but nudes photos of YB Elizabeth Wong.

Let’s see whether the post valentine day nude photos will swept away the high drama of Perak’s haram government, RPK’s ISA and by-election fever.

Is this a cunning strategy or what?

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DrM said...

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