Monday, February 16, 2009

Nude Photos of YB Bukit teLANJANg may crash the google engine - Malaysiakini

The excitement over this issue is about to jam the google servers. The nude pictures was all the talk around Parliament Monday morning and our ministers and YBs are all searching for the photos amongst themselves by forgetting rakyat main issues.

The imagination went wild all over the nation and the search on the photos is everyone’s business, where are the photos?

Well, who remembers Agong’s speech by now which already bidded farewell to Pak Lah? Who remembers Hee and three other kataks? Who remembers amything beyond nude photos of YB Bukit teLANJANg?

The police say that they are yet to see the photos. OCPD Asst Comm Arjunaidi Mohamed confirmed a report was lodged and that police were investigating.
He appealed anyone who has received or seen the nude pictures of Wong to come forward and cooperate with the police.
"We don't have the pictures and we have not seen them, either," he said.
The pictures are believed to have been taken using a handphone, possibly before the general election last March

There will be sleepless nights and nightmares for YB Elizabeth Wong.

It is euphoria in Khir Toyo’s camp and celebrating a victory over nudity.

If this is about politics at the lowest ebb after sodomy and sex-tapes, then our economy can be more disastrous in no time. And Najib does not even use another C4!

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