Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Missing Persons but Forgotten in Malaysia - Malaysiakini

The recent missing cases of three Perak Aduns are only a tip of the iceberg.

Those three Aduns were later appeared with big smiling faces at the office of the deputy PM of Malaysia. These so-called scumdog millionaires with their own excuses of missing like on MCs and were in Pahang for medical purposes, had become popular overnight and made history on their own rights.

Today, two of them were reported missing again, this time missing their court hearings. One had equipped his lawyer with MC while another one without trace again. somewhere unkown and undisclosed.

The most well-known missing case was the tragedy of little girl, Nurin. I do not want to elaborate as those animals are still out there and the Police is busy detaining Perak people.

I read a web site with this information, those missing persons esp kids who never have opportunities to return or appear with the PM-in-waiting:-

In Malaysia missing children are basically classified into two categories.

The first category is disappearance, which includes running away from home.

The other category is abduction or kidnapping. If parents abduct their children, it is usually classified as an ordinary missing person’s case.

Most missing children’s cases are dealt and handled by the courts. The police are there to ensure that the child in Malaysia is safe and no criminal activities take place.

Statistics of missing child in Malaysia is compiled and so also for missing people of all ages.

Since 2004, more than 6,270 teenagers have been reported missing in Malaysia and out of these 4,620 of the missing children are teenage girls. However, the police statistics have revealed that in 2005, 71 girls who ran away from their homes were found death. In 2006, another 71 missing girls’ bodies were found. In 2007, there were 3,246 reports lodged with the police for missing girls.

Between January 2004 and May 2005, 4,237 of the 6,270 missing children, mostly teenagers, were found and returned to their home. However, during the same period, a total of 149 girls under the age of nine were also reported missing.

Statistics of missing children in Malaysia reveal that since 2004, a total of 5,996 children under the age of 18 went missing from their homes. Other than 1,904 children, the rest subsequently returned home or were found and returned home by the police. The majority of children the 1,904 children still missing are girls and they are aged between 14 years and 17 years.

In 2008, between January 1 and April 13, 303 children and teenagers below the age of 18 have been reported missing in Malaysia according to the Deputy Internal Security Minister of Malaysia.

And Terence Fernandez of Sun wrote:

KIDNAPPINGS and missing individuals seem to be a worrying trend of late. And I’m not just talking about the spate of ransom demands which led to the safe recovery of missing family members – and in one recent sad incident the body of an 18-year-old boy.
Politicians too seem to be the target of kidnappers as reflected in the recent wave of alleged kidnapping attempts.
Bota Assemblyman Datuk Nasaruddin Hashim’s wife had reported her husband missing – feared kidnapped – before his double defection.
Now Bukit Selambau representative V. Arumugan had lodged a police report claiming there was an attempt to kidnap him – before his announcement that he is quitting his seat.
Before this, we also had cases where a medical practitioner and a private investigator went missing (allegedly kidnapped) before making explosive claims and changing their stories in the case of the PI.
The police should seriously look into this epidemic of missing persons; more than 1,000 individuals have been reported missing over the last 10 years, of whom 200 were children.
Instead of using its limited resources towards galvanising manpower to guard residences of mentris besar or rallies at stadiums or eavesdrop at ceramah and sermons at mosques and other places of worship, taxpayers’ money would be better spent on finding these people and unravelling the truth behind their "kidnappings" once these individuals are found or show up.

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MikeLing said...

Salam Fuz,
Not all are kidnapped. Some just forgotten to inform their spouse because the services provided at the "hiding place or safe house" are too comfortable.