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Is Dubai another victim of Rumours?

There was a report published in major papers about 3,000 vehicles had been abandoned at the Dubai International Airport. This is due to the current downturn with thousands of expats affected by retrenchment had to leave Dubai. However, Chief of Police refuted the report as rumours.

Only 11 cars left at Dubai airport in past year

CAR WARS: Dubai police said just 11 cars have been left at the airport in the past year not 3,000. (Getty Images)
Only 11 cars have been abandoned at Dubai airport in over a year, according to the emirate’s chief of police in a stinging attack on the country’s media for misreporting the facts.

Clarification on the number of cars left at Dubai International Airport came following repeated media reports that the figure had hit 3,000, as increasing numbers of expatriates fled the emirate as a result of the economic crisis.

And read some comments from the readers.

imagine many of the comments here will be disbelieving of the claim only 11 cars were abandoned (I have no thoughts either way). And I think that indicates the problem - people are used to seeing information spun and manipulated in Dubai and there is widespread mistrust of 'official' information.

For the last few years, the media has seemed unanimous in carrying the message that Dubai offers safe, high returns with zero risk of a crash. Most other countries with smaller booms had some 'voices of doom' highlighting concerns about the sustainability of the market. Such views in Dubai rarely made the media. But you heard them all the time at barbecues, round the pool and anywhere people discussed things.

This contrast is what creates distrust of official information - most people see what is happening abroad and see the parallels with Dubai, but the media persist in pushing the official line that there is no coming crisis. The mistrust grows when those negative voices round the pool turn out to be right.

What is needed is more openness. Trust is something that is earned, and the local media and the local authorities need to earn that trust so that people will not automatically question anything positive they say. Legislating to fine journalists for 'negative' stories will absolutely have the opposite effect.

It will take time, but until we can turn on the local TV news and regard it is a true representation of real events, people will continue to rely on blogs and rumours.

While reading same on Gulf News, there was a comment when Mr. Khalfan said a lot of people are jealous of Dubai growth. It is not really a matter of jealousy. Its a matter of the people who worked all the way for Dubai's growth – The Middle Class, were left totally in darkness and completely ignored. If Dubai had taken care of the Middle Class who are the striving backbone of Dubai economy, they would have not had any jealousy comments and would show their complete love and support. Also for the fact that, they have to pay high fees, get ill-treated at government departments were just few to name reasons for jealousy.

We don't hate Dubai. We all love it. But we expect some love and respect back as well. Isn't it a give and take situation when it comes to love and respect?

what about the increase in number of crimes varying from car thefts to home thefts which is happening on daily basis in sharjah (which most dubai labor lives in). last week a kill crime took place. Lots of people who lost their jobs just try to get anything even 10,000 AED and fly back to home country. I am not accusing or defending a specific nationality; we have to admit that this is happening. My neighbour is a crime report writter in Sharjah police, and they called him at 3 a.m. "come to office immediately 1 kill lcrime and 28 thefts". Why isnt this published ?
Why doest Dubai airport official comment on the "RUMOURS"...why does Dubai airport staff provide such info ..? There is no one who hates this country; but keeping people living in a dream is the biggest crime, officials must admit that the situation is bad and warn people before we start having gangsterships all arround and end up with more human crisis rather than damn economic wont life back someone who gets killed ..correct me if am wrong Mr.Tamim, with all respect you, i like you very much, beause you retain morals throughout your career life. But now is the real time for transparency. Best of luck to all.

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Aristotle said...

The truth is normally somewhere in between. I am of the opinion some of the negative news about Dubai and this region is being exaggerated and amplified by the western media in an attempt to discourage further investment and instead divert the funds to the US or Europe.