Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Genius like Sufiah in 28 STEPS

Can an ordinary child do this?



Extraordinary results, ordinary children

Have you ever wondered how some children are able to achieve extraordinary results at an early age?

How can children fluently read and write before age three, do algebra at five, or play Mozart by six?

Over the years, thousands of people have asked us how it's possible to get children to achieve at a remarkably high level. My experience has shown that any ordinary child can achieve these things — but this is only possible if the child's potential is nurtured in the right way.

The techniques I use are simple enough that anyone can use them, and yet they are extremely effective. And now your own children can also benefit from these techniques.

In my digital book, Genius in 28 Steps, I have refined and distilled my teaching methods into 28 key principles. Everything I know about teaching children to excel is contained within the pages of Genius in 28 Steps, and I hope that you can use this book to help your children fulfil their true potential.

But you might have more modest goals for your child — not everyone wants to raise a genius! This is why I've designed the book so that it is useful for everyone, even if you are a busy working parent and cannot afford to spend much time with your children.

Whether you want to help your child enjoy reading and learning generally, want to improve his or her attention span or level of independence, or are just a new mother who wants to give her baby the best possible education, Genius in 28 Steps has the answers for you.

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Pages from Genius in 28 Steps
Pages from the book itself

More details on Genius in 28 Steps

Genius in 28 Steps


  • Preface
  • Part I: You & Your Child
    • Chapter 1 - Know Your Child
    • Chapter 2 - Develop a Bond
    • Chapter 3 - Set a Good Example
    • Chapter 4 - Believe
    • Chapter 5 - Be Patient
    • Chapter 6 - Be Consistent
    • Chapter 7 - Prepare
    • Chapter 8 - Don't Accelerate but Start Early
  • Part II: Fun, Informal Learning
    • Chapter 9 - Make Learning Enjoyable
    • Chapter 10 - Informal Learning (free — click to read)
    • Chapter 11 - Use a Holistic Approach
    • Chapter 12 - Communicate Often
  • Part III: Fundamental Skills
    • Chapter 13 - Mastering the Basics
    • Chapter 14 - Focus
    • Chapter 15 - Comprehension & Listening
    • Chapter 16 - Speaking
    • Chapter 17 - Reading
    • Chapter 18 - Writing
    • Chapter 19 - Independence
  • Part IV: Teaching Techniques
    • Chapter 20 - Demonstration
    • Chapter 21 - Practice
    • Chapter 22 - Divide & Conquer
    • Chapter 23 - Feedback
    • Chapter 24 - Go with the Flow
    • Chapter 25 - Be Flexible
    • Chapter 26 - Balance Structure with Exploration
  • Part V: Miscellaneous
    • Chapter 27 - Choosing Toys
    • Chapter 28 - Choosing Books
    • Chapter 29 - Special Considerations

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